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Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.-13


His Supplication upon Hearing Thunder

His Supplication when he Looked upon Clouds and Lightening and Heard the Sound of Thunder




1  O God,

           these are two of Thy signs

                     and these are two of Thy helpers.

           They rush to obey Thee

                     with beneficial mercy

                     or injurious vengeance,

           so rain not down upon us from them

                     the evil rain145

           and clothe us not through them

                     in the garment of affliction! 

2  O God,

           bless Muhammad and his Household,

           send down upon us the benefit of these clouds

           and their blessing,

           turn away from us their harm and their injury,

           strike us not through them with blight,

           and loose not upon our livelihoods any bane! 

3  O God,

           if Thou hast incited them as vengeance

                     and loosed them in anger,

           we seek sanctuary with Thee from Thy wrath

                     and implore Thee in asking Thy pardon!

           So incline with wrath

                               toward the idolaters

                     and set the millstone of Thy vengeance

                               turning upon the heretics!146 

4  O God,

           take away the barrenness of our lands

                     with Thy watering,

           dislodge the malice from our breasts

                     with Thy providing,

           distract us not from Thee

                     through other than Thee,

           and cut none of us off

                     from the stuff of Thy goodness,

           for the rich is he to whom Thou hast given riches,

                     and the safe he whom Thou hast protected! 

5             No one has any defense against Thee,

                     nor any means to bar Thy penalty.

           Thou decidest what Thou wilt

                               for whom Thou wilt

                     and Thou decreest what Thou desirest

                               for any whom Thou desirest! 

6  So to Thee belongs praise

                     for protecting us from affliction

           and to Thee belongs thanks

                     for conferring upon us blessings,

           a praise which will leave behind the praise of the praisers,

                     a praise which will fill the earth and the heaven! 

7             Surely Thou art the All-kind through immense kindnesses,

                     the Giver of abounding favours,

                     the Accepter of small praise,

                     the Grateful for little gratitude,

                     the Beneficent, the Benevolent,

                     Possessor of graciousness!

           There is no god but Thou;

                     unto Thee is the homecoming.147 


His Supplication in Giving Thanks

His Supplication when Confessing his Shortcomings in Giving Thanks




1  O God,

          no one reaches a limit in thanking Thee

                    without acquiring that of Thy beneficence

                    which enjoins upon him thanksgiving, 

2            nor does anyone reach a degree in obeying Thee,

                    even if he strives,

                    without falling short of what Thou deservest

                    because of Thy bounty. 

3            The most thankful of Thy servants

                              has not the capacity to thank Thee,

                    and the most worshipful of them

                              falls short of obeying Thee. 

4            To none of them is due

                    Thy forgiveness through what he himself deserves

                    or Thy good pleasure for his own merit. 

5            When Thou forgivest someone,

                              it is through Thy graciousness,

                    and when Thou art pleased with someone,

                              it is through Thy bounty. 

6            Thou showest gratitude

                              for the paltry for which Thou showest gratitude148

                    and Thou rewardest

                              the small act in which Thou art obeyed,

          so that it seems as if Thy servants' thanksgiving

                    for which Thou hast made incumbent their reward

                              and made great their repayment

                    is an affair

                              from which they could have held back without Thee,

                                        and hence Thou wilt recompense them,

                              and whose cause is not in Thy hand,

                                        and hence Thou wilt repay them. 

7            Nay, my God, Thou hadst power over their affair

                              before they had power to worship Thee,

                    and Thou hadst prepared their reward

                              before they began to obey Thee;

                    and that because Thy wont is bestowal of bounty,

                              Thy custom beneficence,

                              Thy way pardon. 

8            So all creatures confess

                              that Thou wrongest not him whom Thou punishest

                    and bear witness

                              that Thou bestowest bounty upon him whom Thou pardonest.

          Each admits

                    that he has fallen short of what Thou meritest. 

9            Had Satan not misled them from Thy obedience,

                              no disobeyer would have disobeyed Thee,

                    and had he not shown falsehood to them in the likeness of truth

                              no strayer would have gone astray from Thy path. 

10  So glory be to Thee!

          How manifest is Thy generosity

                    in dealing with him who obeys or disobeys Thee!

          Thou showest gratitude to the obedient

                              for that which Thou undertakest for him,

                    and Thou grantest a respite to the disobedient

                              in that within which Thou art able to hurry him. 

11            Thou givest to each of them

                               that which is not his due,

                    and Thou bestowest bounty upon each

                              in that wherein his works fall short. 

12            Wert Thou to counterbalance for the obedient servant

                    that which Thou Thyself hadst undertaken,

          he would be on the point of losing Thy reward

                    and seeing the end of Thy favour,

           but through Thy generosity Thou hast repaid him

                    for a short, perishing term

                              with a long, everlasting term,

                     and for a near, vanishing limit

                               with an extended, abiding limit. 

13            Then Thou dost not visit him with a settling of accounts

                     for Thy provision

                              through which he gained strength to obey Thee,

          nor dost Thou force him to make reckonings

                    for the organs he employed

                              to find the means to Thy forgiveness.

          Wert Thou to do that to him,

                     it would take away

                               everything for which he had laboured

                              and all wherein he had exerted himself

                    as repayment for the smallest of Thy benefits

                                                  and kindnesses,

                    and he would remain hostage before Thee

                                                  for Thy other favours.

          So how can he deserve something of Thy reward?

                    Indeed, how? 

14  This, my God, is the state of him who obeys Thee

                    and the path of him who worships Thee.

          But as for him who disobeys Thy command

                    and goes against Thy prohibition,

                    Thou dost not hurry him to Thy vengeance,

          so that he may seek to replace

                    his state in disobeying Thee

                    with the state of turning back to obey Thee,

          though he deserved from the time he set out to disobey Thee

                     every punishment which Thou hast prepared

                    for all Thy creatures. 

15            Through each chastisement

                    which Thou hast kept back from him

          and each penalty of Thy vengeance and Thy punishment

                    which Thou hast delayed from him,

          Thou hast refrained from Thy right

                    and shown good pleasure

                              in place of what Thou hast made obligatory. 

16            So who is more generous, my God, than Thou?

                    And who is more wretched than he who perishes

                              in spite of Thee?

                    Indeed, who?

          Thou art too blessed to be described

                              by any but beneficence

                    and too generous for any but justice

                              to be feared from Thee!

          There is no dread that Thou wilt be unjust

                              toward him who disobeys Thee,

                    nor any fear of Thy neglecting to reward

                              him who satisfies Thee.149

          So bless Muhammad and his Household,

                    give me my hope,

                    and increase me in that of Thy guidance

                              through which I may be successful in my works!

           Surely Thou art All-kind, Generous. 


His Supplication in Asking Pardon

His Supplication in Asking Pardon for Misdeeds to God's Servants and for Falling Short in their Rights and that his Neck be Set Free from the Fire




1  O God,

          I ask pardon from Thee for

                    the person wronged in my presence

                              whom I did not help,

                    the favour conferred upon me

                              for which I returned no thanks,

                    the evildoer who asked pardon from me

                              and whom I did not pardon,

                    the needy person who asked from me

                              and whom I preferred not over myself,

                    the right of a believer who possesses a right incumbent upon me

                              which I did not fulfil,

                    the fault of a believer which became evident to me

                              and which I did not conceal,

                    and every sin which presented itself to me

                              and which I failed to avoid. 

2  I ask pardon, my God,

                    for all of these and their likes,

          with an asking of pardon in remorse

                    which may act as an admonisher

                    against similar things ahead of me. 

3  So bless Muhammad and his Household

          and make

          my remorse for the slips

                    into which I have fallen

          and my determination to refrain from the evil deeds

                    which present themselves to me

          a repentance which will make Thy love for me obligatory

O lover of those who repent!150 


His Supplication in Seeking Pardon and Mercy




1  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          break my passion for every unlawful thing,

          take away my craving for any sin,

          and bar me from harming any believer, male or female,

                    and any Muslim, male or female! 

2  O God,

          if any of Thy servants should harm me in what Thou hast forbidden

                    or violate me in what Thou hast interdicted,

          and if he should pass into death with my complaint

                    or I come to have a complaint against him while he is alive,

          forgive him what he did to me

                    and pardon him that through which he turned his back on me!

          Inquire not from him about what he committed toward me

                    and expose him not through what he earned by me!

          Make my open-handedness in pardoning such servants

                    and my contribution in charity toward them

          the purest charity of the charitable

                    and the highest gift of those seeking nearness to Thee! 

3            Recompense me for my pardoning them with Thy pardon

                    and for my supplicating for them with Thy mercy

          so that each one of us may gain felicity through Thy bounty

                    and each may attain deliverance through Thy kindness! 

4  O God,

          if there is a servant from among Thy servants whom

                     an ill visits on my account,

                     a harm touches from my direction,

                     or a wrong overtakes through me or because of me,

          and should I fail to take care of his right

                     or go before him [in death] with his complaint,

           bless Muhammad and his Household,

                     satisfy him toward me through Thy wealth,

                     and give him his full right from Thyself! 

5             Then protect me from what Thy decision mandates

                     and save me from what Thy justice decides,

           for my strength cannot bear Thy vengeance

                     and my obedience cannot stand up to Thy displeasure!

           If Thou recompensest me with the right,

                     Thou wilt destroy me,

           and if Thou dost not shield me in Thy mercy,

                     Thou wilt lay me waste. 

6  O God,

           I ask Thee to grant, my God,

                     that whose giving will not decrease Thee,

           and I ask Thee to carry

                     that whose carrying will not weigh Thee down: 

7             My God, I ask Thee to give my soul,

                     which Thou didst not create

                               to keep Thyself from evil

                               nor to find the way to profit.

                     No, Thou brought it forth

                               to demonstrate Thy power over its like

                               and to provide an argument against its similar. 

8             I ask Thee to carry those of my sins

                               whose carrying weighs me down

                     and I seek help from Thee in

                              that whose heaviness oppresses me. 

9  So bless Muhammad and his Household,

          give to me my soul in spite of its wrongdoing,151

                    and appoint Thy mercy to carry my burden!

          How many evildoers Thy mercy has overtaken!

                    How many wrongdoers Thy pardon has embraced! 

10  So bless Muhammad and his Household

          and make me the model of him whom Thou hast

                    aroused through Thy forbearance

                              from the deadly infirmities of the Senders

                    and saved through Thy giving success

                              from the tangled plights of the sinners,

           so that I may rise up

                    freed by Thy pardon from the bonds of Thy displeasure

                    and released by Thy benefaction from the ties of Thy justice! 

11  Surely if Thou dost that, my God,

          Thou wilt do it to one who does not

                    deny deserving Thy punishment

                    or acquit himself from merit for Thy vengeance. 

12            Do that, my God, for one

                     whose fear of Thee is greater

                              than his craving from Thee,

                    whose hopelessness of deliverance

                              is firmer than his hope for salvation!

                     Not that his hopelessness is despair,

                               nor that his expectation is deluded.

                     No, rather his good deeds are few

                               among his evil deeds

                     and his arguments are frail

                               in face of everything due from his acts. 

13            But Thou, my God, art worthy that

                    the righteous not be deluded concerning Thee

                               and the sinners not lose hope in Thee,

                     for Thou art the All-mighty Lord who

                               holds back His bounty from none

                               and takes His full right from no one. 

14             High exalted is Thy mention

                    above those mentioned!

           Holy are Thy names

                    beyond those described!

           Spread is Thy favour

                    among all creatures!

           Thine is the praise for that,

                    O Lord of the worlds! 


His Supplication when Death was Mentioned

His Supplication when Someone's Death was Announced to him or when he Remembered Death




1  O God,

          Bless Muhammad and his Household,

          spare us drawn out expectations

                    and cut them short in us through sincerity of works,

          that we may not hope expectantly for

                    completing an hour after an hour,

                    closing a day after a day,

                    joining a breath to a breath,

                    or overtaking a step with a step! 

2            Keep us safe from the delusions of expectations,

                    make us secure from their evils,

                    set up death before us in display.

                    and let not our remembering of it come and go! 

3            Appoint for us from among the righteous works a work

                    through which we will feel the homecoming to Thee as slow

                              and crave a quick joining with Thee,

                    so that death may be

                              our intimate abode with which we are intimate,

                              our familiar place toward which we yearn,

                              and our next of kin whose coming we love! 

4            When Thou bringest it to us

                    and sendest it down upon us,

          make us happy with it as a visitor,

                    comfort us with its arrival,

                    make us not wretched through entertaining it,

                    degrade us not through its visit,

                    and appoint it one of the gates to Thy forgiveness

                              and the keys to Thy mercy! 

5            Make us die

                    guided, not astray,

                    obedient, not averse,

                    repentant, not disobedient or persisting,

          O He who guarantees the repayment of the good-doers

                    and seeks to set right the work of the corrupt!