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Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.-15


His Supplication for the Coming of the Month of Ramadan




1  Praise belongs to God who guided us to His praise

                    and placed us among the people of praise,

          that we might be among the thankful for His beneficence

          and that He might recompense us for that

                    with the recompense of the good-doers! 

2  And praise belongs to God who

                    showed favour to us through His religion,

                    singled us out for His creed,

                              and directed us onto the roads of His beneficence,

                    in order that through His kindness we might travel upon them

                              to His good pleasure,

          a praise which He will accept from us

                    and through which He will be pleased with us! 

3  And praise belongs to God who appointed among those roads His month,

          the month of Ramadan,

          the month of fasting,

          the month of submission,

          the month of purity,

          the month of putting to test,

          the month of standing in prayer,

          in which the Qur'an was sent down as guidance to the people,

          and as clear signs of the Guidance and the Separator!175 

4  He clarified its excellence over other months

          by the many sacred things and well-known excellencies

                    which He placed therein,

          for He made unlawful in it what He declared lawful in others

                    to magnify it,

          He prohibited foods and drinks in it

                    to honour it,

          and He appointed for it a clear time which He

                    (majestic and mighty is He)

                    allows not to be set forward

                    and accepts not to be placed behind. 

5  Then He made one of its nights surpass the nights

                                                  of a thousand months

          and named it the Night of Decree;

                    in it the angels and the Spirit descend

                    by the leave of their Lord upon every command,

                    a peace176 constant in blessings

                                        until the rising of the dawn

                              upon whomsoever He will of His servants

                              according to the decision He has made firm. 

6  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          inspire us

                    with knowledge of its excellence,

                    veneration of its inviolability,

                    and caution against what Thou hast forbidden within it,

          and help us to fast in it

                    by our restraining our limbs

                              from acts of disobedience toward Thee

                    and our employing them

                              in that which pleases Thee,

          so that we lend not our ears to idle talk

                              and hurry not with our eyes to diversion, 

7                      we stretch not our hands toward the forbidden

                              and stride not with our feet toward the prohibited,

                    our bellies hold only what Thou hast made lawful

                              and our tongues speak only what Thou

                                                  hast exemplified,

                    we undertake nothing but what brings close to

                                                  Thy reward

                              and pursue nothing but what protects from

                                                  Thy punishment!

          Then rid all of that from the false show of the false showers

                              and the fame seeking of the fame seekers,

                    lest we associate therein anything with Thee

                              or seek therein any object of desire but Thee! 

8  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          in it make us attend

                    to the appointed moments of the five prayers within

                              the bounds Thou hast set,

                              the obligations Thou hast decreed,

                              the duties Thou hast assigned,

                              and the times Thou hast specified; 

9            and in the prayers make us alight in the station of

                    the keepers of their stations,

                    the guardians of their pillars,

                    their performers in their times,

                              as Thy servant and Thy messenger set down in his Sunna

                              (Thy blessings be upon him and his Household)

                    in their bowings, their prostrations, and all their

                                                  excellent acts,

                              with the most complete and ample ritual purity

                              and the most evident and intense humility! 

10            Give us success in this month to

                    tighten our bonds of kin with devotion and gifts,

                    attend to our neighbours with bestowal and giving,

                    rid our possessions from claims,

                    purify them through paying the alms,

                    go back to him who has gone far from us,

                    treat justly him who has wronged us,

                    make peace with him who shows enmity toward us

                              (except him who is regarded as an enemy

                                        in Thee and for Thee,

                              for he is the enemy whom we will not befriend,

                                        the party whom we will not hold dear), 

11                      and seek nearness to Thee through blameless works

                              which will purify us from sins

                              and preserve us from renewing faults,

                    so that none of Thy angels will bring for Thee

                              the kinds of obedience and sorts of


                              unless they be less than what we bring!177 

12  O God,

          I ask Thee by the right of this month

          and by the right of him who worships Thee within it

                              from its beginning to the time of its passing,

                    whether angel Thou hast brought nigh to Thee,

                    prophet Thou hast sent,

                    or righteous servant Thou hast singled out,

          that Thou bless Muhammad and his Household,

          make us worthy of the generosity Thou hast promised

                                                  Thy friends,

          make incumbent for us

                    what Thou hast made incumbent

                    for those who go to great lengths in obeying Thee,

          and place us in the ranks of those

                    who deserve through Thy mercy the highest elevation!  

13  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          turn us aside from

                    deviation in professing Thy Unity,

                     falling short in magnifying Thee,

                    in Thy religion,

                     blindness toward Thy path,

                     heedlessness of Thy inviolability,

                    and being deceived by Thy enemy, the accursed Satan! 

14  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          and when in every night of this month's nights

                                                  Thou hast necks

                    which Thy pardon will release

                              and Thy forgiveness disregard,

                    place our necks among those necks

                    and place us among the best folk and companions

                              of this our month! 

15  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          efface our sins

                    along with the effacing of its crescent moon,

          and make us pass forth from the ill effects of our acts

                    with the passing of its days,

          until it leaves us behind,

                    while within it Thou hast purified us of offenses

                    and rid us of evil deeds! 

16  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          and should we go off to one side in this month,

                     set us aright;

          should we swerve,

                     point us straight;

           and should Thy enemy Satan enwrap us,

                     rescue us from him! 

17  O God,

           fill this month with our worship of Thee,

           adorn its times with our obedience toward Thee,

           help us during its daytime with its fast,

                     and in its night with prayer and pleading toward Thee,

                               humility toward Thee,

                               and lowliness before Thee,

           so that its daytime may not bear witness

                               against our heedlessness,

                    nor its night against our neglect! 

18  O God,

          make us like this in the other months and days

                    as long as Thou givest us life,

          and place us among Thy righteous servants,

                    those who shall inherit Paradise,

                              therein dwelling forever,178

                    those who give what they give,

                              while their hearts quake,

                              that they are returning to their Lord,179

                    those who vie in good works,

                              outracing to them!180 

19  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household

                    in every time, in all moments, and in every state,

          to the number that Thou hast blessed whomsoever

                                                   Thou hast blessed

                    and to multiples of all that, through multiples

                     which none can count but Thee!

           Surely Thou art Accomplisher of what Thou desirest.