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Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.-19


His Supplication on the Day of Sacrifice252 and on Friday  


1  O God,

           this is a blessed and fortunate day,

           within which the Muslims are gathered

                     in the quarters of Thy earth.

           Among them are present the asker, the seeker,

                               the beseecher, the fearful,

                     while Thou art looking upon their needs.

           So I ask Thee by Thy munificence and generosity

                    and easy upon Thee is what I ask Thee! -

           that Thou blessest Muhammad and his Household. 

2  And I ask Thee, O God, our Lord -

                    for Thine is the kingdom and Thine is the praise;

                     there is no god but Thou,

                    the Clement, the Generous,

                     the All-loving, the All-kind,

                     Possessor of majesty and munificence,

                     Originator of the heavens and the earth -

           whenever Thou apportionest among Thy faithful servants

                    good, well being,

                     blessing, guidance,

                     works in obedience to Thee,

                     or good through which

                               Thou art kind to them by guiding them to Thee,

                               or raisest them up a degree with Thee,

                               or givest them the good of this world or the next,

           that Thou givest me amply my share and allotment of it. 

3             And I ask Thee, O God -

                     for Thine is the kingdom and the praise;

                     there is no god but Thou -

           that Thou blessest Muhammad,

                     Thy servant and Thy messenger,

                     Thy beloved and Thy selected friend,

                               Thy chosen from among Thy creation,

                     and the Household of Muhammad,

                               the pious, the pure, the chosen,

                     with a blessing no one has strength to count but Thou,

           that Thou associatest us with

                    the most righteous of Thy faithful servants

                     who supplicate Thee today

                     - O Lord of the worlds!—

           and that Thou forgivest us and them!

          Surely Thou art powerful over everything.253 

4  O God,

          toward Thee I aim with my need

                    and before Thee I set my poverty, my neediness, my misery,

          for I have more trust in Thy forgiveness and Thy mercy

                    than in my own works.

          Thy forgiveness and Thy mercy are vaster than my sins.

           So bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad,

          and attend to the accomplishment of every need of mine through

                    Thy power over it,

                     its easiness for Thee,

                     my poverty toward Thee,

                     and Thy freedom from need for me!

           I will come upon no good whatsoever unless through Thee,

                     no one other than Thou will turn any evil away from me,

                     and I have hope in none but Thee for my affair

                               in the next world and in this world. 

5  O God,

           if anyone has ever


                               made ready,


                               and drawn himself up

                     to be received by a creature

                     in hope of his support and awards,

           then today toward Thee, my Master, is

                               my arrangement,

                               my making ready,

                               my preparation,

                               and my drawing up,

                     in hope of Thy pardon and support

                    and in seeking to attain to Thee and Thy prize. 

6  O God,

           so bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad

                    and disappoint not my hope in that today!

           O He who is not troubled by those who ask

                     and diminished by those who attain their desire!

           I come not before Thee trusting

                     in a righteous work I have sent ahead,

                    nor in the intercession of any creature in whom

                                                            I have hope,

                    except the intercession of Muhammad

                              and the Folk of his House

                              (upon him and upon them be Thy peace). 

7            I come to Thee admitting sin and evildoing toward myself.

          I come to Thee hoping for Thy abounding pardon

                    through which Thou hast pardoned the offenders,

          while their long persistence in dreadful sin

                     did not prevent Thee

                     from returning toward them with mercy and forgiveness! 

8                       O He whose mercy is wide

                     and whose pardon is abounding!

          O All-mighty!

                    O All-mighty!

          O All-generous!

                     O All-generous!

           Bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad,

                    return toward me through Thy mercy,

                     be tender toward me through Thy bounty,

                    and spread out Thy forgiveness upon me! 

9  O God,

          this station belongs to Thy vicegerents, Thy chosen,

          while the places of Thy trusted ones

                    in the elevated degree which Thou hast singled out for them

                     have been forcibly stripped!254

          But Thou art the Ordainer of that -

                    Thy command is not overcome,

                     the inevitable in Thy governing is not overstepped!

                    However Thou willest and whenever Thou willest!

                    In that which Thou knowest best,

                              Thou art not accused for Thy creation or Thy will!

          Then Thy selected friends, Thy vicegerents,

                     were overcome, vanquished, forcibly stripped;

          they see Thy decree replaced,

                    Thy Book discarded,

                    Thy obligations distorted from the aims of Thy laws,

          and the Sunna of Thy Prophet abandoned! 

10  O God,

          curse their enemies among those of old and the later folk,

                     and all those pleased with their acts,

                     and their adherents and followers! 

11  O God,

           bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad

                     (surely Thou art All-laudable, All-glorious)

                     like Thy blessing, benedictions, and salutations

                               upon Thy chosen Abraham and the people of Abraham!

           And hasten for them relief,




                     and confirmation! 

12  O God,

          and make me

                     one of the people who profess Thy Unity,

                              have faith in Thee,

                               and attest to Thy Messenger

                               and the Imams toward whom Thou hast enjoined obedience,

                    and one of those through whom and at whose hands

                               this takes place!255

          Amen, Lord of the worlds! 

13  O God,

           nothing repels Thy wrath but Thy clemency,

           nothing repels Thy displeasure but Thy pardon,

           nothing grants sanctuary from Thy punishment but

                                                            Thy mercy,

           and nothing will deliver me from Thee

                     except pleading to Thee before Thee,256

           so bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad,

           and give us on Thy part, my God, relief by means of the power

           through which Thou bringest the dead servants to life

           and revivest the dead lands.257 

14             Destroy me not through gloom, my God,

           before Thou respondest to me

           and givest me the knowledge of Thy response to

                                                            my supplication!

           Let me taste the flavour of well-being to the end of my term!

           And let not my enemy gloat over me,

                     place not my neck in his power,

                     and give him not authority over me! 

15  My God,

           if Thou raisest me up,

                               who is there to push me down?

                     If Thou pushest me down,

                               who is there to raise me up?

           If Thou honourest me,

                               who is there to humiliate me?

                     If Thou humiliatest me,

                               who is there to honour me?

           If Thou chastisest me,

                               who is there to have mercy upon me?

                     If Thou destroyest me,

                               who is there to stand up for Thy servant against Thee

                               or ask Thee about his affair?

           But I know that there is no wrong in Thy decree

                               and no hurry in Thy vengeance.

                     He alone hurries who fears to miss,

                               and only the weak needs to wrong.

                     But Thou art exalted, my God,

                               high indeed above all that! 

16  O God,

           bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad,

           make me not the target of affliction

                     nor the object of Thy vengeance,

           respite me,

           comfort me,

           release me from my stumble,

           and afflict me not with an affliction

                     in the wake of an affliction,

           for Thou hast seen my frailty,

                     the paucity of my stratagems,

                     and my pleading to Thee! 

17  I seek refuge in Thee today, my God, from Thy wrath,

                     so bless Muhammad and his Household

                     and give me refuge! 

18             I seek sanctuary in Thee today from Thy displeasure,

                     so bless Muhammad and his Household,

                     and give me sanctuary! 

19             I ask Thee security from Thy chastisement,

                     so bless Muhammad and his Household,

                     and give me security! 

20             I seek guidance from Thee,

                     so bless Muhammad and his Household

                     and guide me! 

21             I seek help from Thee,

                     so bless Muhammad and his Household

                     and help me! 

22             I ask Thee for mercy,

                     so bless Muhammad and his Household

                     and have mercy upon me! 

23            I seek sufficiency from Thee,

                     so bless Muhammad and his Household

                     and suffice me! 

24             I seek provision from Thee,

                     so bless Muhammad and his Household

                     and provide for me! 

25             I seek assistance from Thee,

                     so bless Muhammad and his Household

                     and assist me! 

26             I pray forgiveness for my past sins,

                     so bless Muhammad and his Household

                     and forgive me! 

27             I ask Thee to preserve me from sin,

                     so bless Muhammad and his Household

                     and preserve me,

                     for I will not return to anything Thou dislikest from me,

                               if Thou willest that! 

28  My Lord!

                    My Lord!

           O All-loving!

                     O All-kind!

           O Possessor of majesty and munificence!

                     Bless Muhammad and his Household,

                     and grant me everything that I

                               ask from Thee,

                               seek from Thee,

                               and beseech from Thee!

           Will it, ordain it, decree it, and accomplish it!

           Give me good in that of it which Thou decreest!

           Bless me in that,

                     be gratuitously bountiful toward me through it,

                     make me happy in that of it which Thou givest to me,

                     and increase me in Thy bounty

                               and the plenty of what is with Thee,

                     for Thou art Boundless, Generous!

           And link that to the good and the bliss of the next world,

                     O Most Merciful of the merciful! 




His Supplication in Repelling Enemies

His Supplication in Repelling the Trickery of Enemies and Driving away their Severity 


1  My God,

          Thou guided me

                               but I diverted myself,

                     Thou admonished me

                               but my heart became hardened,

                     Thou tried me graciously

                               but I disobeyed.

           Then, when Thou caused me to know it,

                               I came to know that from which Thou hadst turned

                                                             [me] away,

                     so I prayed forgiveness

                               and Thou released,

                     and I returned

                               and Thou covered over.

           So Thine, my God,

                     is the praise! 

2             I plunged into the valleys of destruction

                               and settled in the ravines of ruin,

                     exposing myself to Thy chastisements

                               and the descent of Thy punishments! 

3             My mediation with Thee is the profession of Unity,

                     my way of coming to Thee that I associate nothing with Thee,

                     nor do I take along with Thee a god;

           I have fled to Thee with my soul -

                     in Thee is the place of flight

                               for the evildoer,

                     the place of escape

                               for him who has squandered the share of his soul

                               and seeks asylum. 

4  How many an enemy has

           unsheathed the sword of his enmity toward me,

           honed the cutting edge of his knife for me,

           sharpened the tip of his blade for me,

           mixed his killing potions for me,

           pointed toward me his straight-flying arrows,

           not allowed the eye of his watchfulness to sleep toward me,

           and secretly thought of

                     visiting me with something hateful

                     and making me gulp down the bitter water of his bile! 

5  So Thou looked my God, at

           my weakness in bearing oppressive burdens,

           my inability to gain victory over him who aims to war

                                                             against me,

           and my being alone before the great numbers

                     of him who is hostile toward me

                     and lies in wait for me

                               with an affliction

                               about which I have not thought. 

6             Thou set out at once to help me

                     and Thou braced up my back!

           Thou blunted for me his blade,

                     made him, after a great multitude, solitary,

                     raised up my heel over him,

                     and turned back upon him what he had pointed straight.

           So Thou sent him back,

                     his rage not calmed,

                     his burning thirst not quenched!

                     Biting his fingers,

                     he turned his back in flight,

                     his columns having been of no use. 

7  How many an oppressor has oppressed me with his tricks,

           set up for me the net of his snares,

           appointed over me the inspection of his regard,

           and lay in ambush for me,

                     the lying in ambush of a predator for its game,

                     waiting to take advantage of its prey,

           while he showed me the smile of the flatterer

                     and looked at me with the intensity of fury! 

8             So when Thou saw, my God,

                     (blessed art Thou and high exalted)

                     the depravity of his secret thoughts

                     and the ugliness of what he harboured,

           Thou threw him on his head into his own pitfall

                     and dumped him into the hole of his own digging.

           So he was brought down low, after his overbearing,

                     by the nooses of his own snare,

                     wherein he had thought he would see me;

           and what came down upon his courtyard

                     - had it not been for Thy mercy -

                     was on the point of coming down upon me! 

9  How many an evier has

           choked upon me in his agony,

           fumed over me in his rage,

           cut me with the edge of his tongue,

           showed malice toward me by accusing me of his own faults,

           made my good repute the target of his shots,

           collared me with his own constant defects,

           showed malice toward me with his trickery,

                     and aimed at me with his tricks! 

10             So I called upon Thee, my God,

                     seeking aid from Thee,

                     trusting in the speed of Thy response,

                     knowing that

                               he who seeks haven in the shadow of Thy wing

                                         will not be mistreated,

                               and he who seeks asylum in the stronghold of

                                                             Thy victory

                                         will not be frightened.

           So Thou fortified me against his severity through Thy power. 

11  How many

           a cloud of detested things Thou hast dispelled from me,

           a cloud of favour Thou hast made rain down upon me,

           a stream of mercy Thou hast let flow,

           a well-being in which Thou hast clothed me,

           an eye of mishap Thou hast blinded,

           and a wrap of distress Thou hast removed! 

12  How many

           a good opinion Thou hast verified,

           a destitution Thou hast redressed,

           an infirmity Thou hast restored to health,

           and a misery Thou hast transformed! 

13  All of that was favour and graciousness from Thee,

           and in all of it I was occupied

                     with acts of disobeying Thee.

           My evildoing did not hinder Thee

                     from completing Thy beneficence,

           nor was I stopped

                     from committing acts displeasing to Thee.

           Thou art not questioned as to what Thou dost!258 

14  Thou wert asked,

                     and Thou bestowed.

           Thou wert not asked,

                     and Thou began.

           Thy bounty was requested,

                     and Thou didst not skimp.

           Thou refused, my Master, everything but




                     and favour,

           and I refused everything

                     but plunging into what Thou hast made unlawful,

                     transgressing Thy bounds,

                     and paying no heed to Thy threat!

           So Thine is the praise, my God,

                     the All-powerful who is not overcome,

                     and the Possessor of patient waiting who does not hurry! 

15  This is the station of one who confesses to lavishness of favours,

           counters them with shortcomings,

           and bears witness to his own negligence. 

16  O God,

           so I seek nearness to Thee through

                     the elevated rank of Muhammad

                     and the radiant degree of 'Ali,

           and I turn to Thee through them

                     so that Thou wilt give me refuge

                     from the evil of [so and so],259

           for that will not constrain Thee in Thy wealth,

                     nor trouble Thee in Thy power,

                     and Thou art powerful over everything!260 

17  So give me, my God,

                     by Thy mercy and Thy lasting bestowal of success,

           that which I may take as a ladder

                     with which to climb to Thy good pleasure

                     and be secure from Thy punishment,

           O Most merciful of the merciful!