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Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.-20


His Supplication in Fear




1  O God,

           Thou created me without fault,

           nurtured me when small,

           and provided me with sufficiency. 

2  O God,

           I found in the Book

                     which Thou sent down

                     and through which Thou gave good news to Thy servants,

           that Thou said,

                     O My servants who hare been prodigal against yourselves,

                     do not despair of God's mercy,

                     surely God forgives all sins,261

           but there has gone ahead from me what Thou knowest

                     (and of which Thou knowest more than I)!

           O the shame of what Thy Book has counted against me!262 

3  Were it not for the places

                     where I expectantly hope for Thy pardon,

                               which enfolds all things,

                     I would have thrown myself down [in despair]!

           Were anyone able to flee from his Lord,

                               I would be the most obligated to flee from Thee!

                     But not a secret in earth and heaven is concealed from Thee,

                               except that Thou bringest it.263

                     Thou sufficest as a recompenser!

                               Thou sufficest as a reckoner!264 

4             O God,

                     surely Thou wouldst seek me if I flee

                               and catch me if I run.

           So here I am before Thee,

                     abject, lowly, abased.

           If Thou chastisest me,

                     I am worthy of that,

                     and it would be, my Lord, an act of justice from Thee.

           But if Thou pardonest me,

                     anciently has Thy pardon enfolded me

                     and Thy well-being garmented me! 

5  So I ask Thee, O God,

                     by Thy names stored in Thy treasury265

                     and Thy splendour masked by the veils!

           If Thou hast no mercy upon this anxious soul

                               and these uneasy, decaying bones -

                     he cannot endure the heat of Thy sun,

                               so how can he endure the heat of Thy Fire?

                     He cannot endure the sound of Thy thunder,

                               so how can he endure the sound of Thy wrath? 

6  So have mercy upon me, O God,

           for I am a vile man

                     and my worth is little.

           Chastising me will not add the weight of a dust mote

                     to Thy kingdom.

           Were chastising me something that would add to Thy kingdom,

                     I would ask Thee for patience to bear it

                     and would love for it to belong to Thee;

           but Thy authority, my God, is mightier,

                     and Thy kingdom more lasting,

           than that the obedience of the obeyers should increase it

                     or the disobedience of the sinners diminish it! 

7  So have mercy upon me,

                     O Most Merciful of the merciful!

           Show me forbearance,

                     O Possessor of majesty and munificence!

           And turn toward me,

                     Surely Thou art Ever-turning, All-compassionate!266 


His Supplication in Pleading and Abasement




1  My God,

           I praise Thee,

                     - and Thou art worthy of praise -

           for Thy benefaction toward me,

                     the lavishness of Thy favours toward me,

                     and Thy plentiful bestowal upon me,

           and for showing bounty toward me through Thy mercy

                     and lavishing Thy favour upon me.

           Thou hast done well toward me

                     and I am incapable of thanking Thee. 

2  Were it not for Thy beneficence toward me

                     and the lavishness of Thy favours upon me,

           I would not have reached the taking of my share

                     nor would my soul have been set right,

           but Thou began with beneficence toward me,

                     provided me sufficiency in all my affairs,

                     turned away from me the toil of affliction,

                     and held back from me the feared decree. 

3  My God,

           how many a toilsome affliction

                     which Thou hast turned away from me!

           How many a lavish favour

                     with which Thou hast gladdened my eye!

           How many a generous benefaction of Thine

                     which is present with me!


4  It is Thou who

           responded to my supplication at the time of distress,

           released me from my slip in stumbling,

           and took my enemies to task for doing wrong to me. 

5  My God,

           I did not find Thee a miser when I asked of Thee

                     nor a withholder when I desired from Thee.

           No, 1 found Thee a hearer of my supplication

                     and a bestower of my requests;

           I found Thy favours toward me lavish in my every situation

                     and in my every time.

           So Thou art praised by me

                     and Thy benefaction honoured. 

6  My soul, my tongue, and my intelligence praise Thee,

           a praise that reaches fulfilment and the reality of thanksgiving,

                     a praise that attains to Thy good pleasure with me -

           so deliver me from Thy displeasure! 

7  O my cave when the ways thwart me!

           O He who releases me from my stumble!

                     Were it not for Thy covering my shameful defects,

                     I would be one of the disgraced.

           O my confirmer through help!

                     Were it not for Thy helping me,

                     I would be one of the overcome!

           O He before whom kings place the yoke of lowliness

                     around their necks,

                     fearing His penalties!

           O worthy of reverent fear!

                     O He to whom belong the names most beautiful!267

           I ask Thee to pardon me

                               and to forgive me,

                     for I am not innocent

                               that I should offer excuses,

                     nor a possessor of strength

                               that I should gain victory,

                     nor have I any place of flight

                               that I should flee! 

8             I ask Thee to release me from my stumbles,

                     and before Thee I disavow my sins,

                               which have laid me waste,

                               encompassed me,

                               and destroyed me!

           I flee from them to Thee, my Lord,

                     turning repentantly,

                               so turn toward me,

                     seeking refuge,

                               so grant me refuge,

                     asking sanctuary,

                               so abandon me not,


                               so deprive me not,

                     holding fast,

                               so leave me not,


                               so send me not back disappointed! 

9             I have supplicated Thee, my Lord, as one

                     miserable, abased,

                     apprehensive, fearful,

                     quaking, poor,

                     driven to have recourse to Thee! 

10             I complain to Thee, my God,

                     of my soul

                               - which is too weak

                               to hurry to

                                         that which Thou hast promised Thy friends

                               or to avoid

                                         that against which Thou hast cautioned Thy enemies -

                     and of the multitude of my concerns,

                     and of my soul's confusing thoughts.  

11  My God,

           Thou hast not disgraced me through my secret thoughts

                     or destroyed me because of my misdeeds!

           I call upon Thee,

                     and Thou respondest,

                     even if I am slow when Thou callest upon me.

           I ask Thee everything I want of my needs,

                     and I deposit with Thee my secret

                     wherever I may be.

           I supplicate no one besides Thee,

                     and I hope for no one other than Thee. 

12             At Thy service! At Thy service!

                     Thou hearest him who complains to Thee!

                     Thou receivest him who has confidence in Thee!

                     Thou savest him who holds fast to Thee!

                     Thou givest relief to him who seeks shelter in Thee! 

13  My God,

           so deprive me not of the good

                     of the last world and the first

                     because of the paucity of my thanksgiving

           and forgive me the sins of mine which Thou knowest! 

14  If Thou chastisest,

                     I am the wrongdoer, the neglecter,

                               the negligent, the sinner,

                               the derelict, the sluggard,

                               the heedless of the share of my soul!

           And if Thou forgivest -

                     Thou art the Most Merciful of the merciful! 


His Supplication in Imploring God




1  O God, from whom nothing is concealed in earth or heaven!

           How should what Thou hast created, my God,

                     be concealed from Thee?

           How shouldst Thou not number

                     what Thou hast made?

           How should what Thou governest

                     be absent from Thee?

           How should one who has no life

                     except through Thy provision

                     have the ability to flee from Thee?

           How should one who has no road

                     except in Thy kingdom

                     escape from Thee? 

2  Glory be to Thee!

           He among Thy creatures who fears Thee most

                     knows Thee best,268

           he among them most bent in humility

                     is most active in obeying Thee,

           and he among them whom Thou providest

                     while he worships another

                     is most contemptible before Thee! 

3  Glory be to Thee!

           He who associates others with Thee and denies Thy messengers

                     diminishes not Thy authority.

           He who dislikes Thy decree

                     cannot reject Thy command.

           He who denies Thy power

                     keeps himself not away from Thee.

           He who worships other than Thee

                     escapes Thee not.

           He who dislikes meeting Thee

                     will not be given endless life in this world. 

4  Glory be to Thee!

           How mighty is Thy station,

                     overpowering Thy authority,

                     intense Thy strength,

                     penetrating Thy command! 

5  Glory be to Thee!

           Thou hast decreed death for all Thy creatures,

                     both him who professes Thy Unity

                               and him who disbelieves in Thee;

                     each one will taste death,269

                               each one will come home to Thee.

           Blessed art Thou and high exalted!

                     There is no god but Thou, Thou alone,

                     who hast no associate. 

6  I have faith in Thee,

           I attest to Thy messengers,

           I accept Thy Book,

           I disbelieve in every object of worship other than Thee,

           I am quit of anyone who worships another! 

7  O God,

           I rise in the morning and enter the evening

                     making little of my good works,

                     confessing my sins,

                     admitting my offenses;

           I am abased because of my prodigality against myself.

                     My works have destroyed me,

                     my caprice has ruined me,

                     my passions have deprived me. 

8             So I ask Thee, my Master,

                     the asking of him

                               whose soul is diverted

                                         by his drawn out expectations,

                               whose body is heedless

                                         because of the stillness of his veins,270

                               whose heart is entranced

                                         by the multitude of favours done for him,

                               whose reflection is little

                                         concerning that to which he is coming home; 

9                       the asking of him whom

                               false expectation has overcome,

                               caprice has entranced,

                                         and this world has mastered,

                               and over whom death has cast its shadow;

                     the asking of him who

                               makes much of his sins

                               and confesses his offense;

                     the asking of him who has

                               no Lord but Thou,

                               no friend besides Thee,

                               no one to deliver him from Thee,

                               and no asylum from Thee except in Thee.271 

10             My God, I ask Thee

                     by Thy right incumbent upon all Thy creatures,

                     by Thy mighty name

                               with which Thou commanded Thy messenger to glorify Thee,

                     and by the majesty of Thy generous face,

                               which ages not,

                               nor changes,

                               nor alters,

                               nor passes away,

           that Thou blessest Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad,

                     that Thou freest me from need for all things

                               through worshipping Thee,

                     that Thou distractest my soul from this world

                               through fear of Thee,

                     and that Thou turnest me back toward Thy abundant generosity

                               through Thy mercy! 

11  To Thee I flee,

           Thee I fear,

           from Thee I seek aid,

           in Thee I hope,

           Thee I supplicate,

           in Thee I seek asylum,

           in Thee I trust,

           from Thee I ask help,

           in Thee I have faith,

           in Thee I have placed my confidence,

           and upon Thy munificence and Thy generosity I rely. 


His Supplication in Abasing himself

His Supplication in Abasing himself before God (Mighty and Majestic is He)




1  My Lord,

           my sins have silenced me,

                     and my words have been cut off.

           I have no argument,

           for I am the prisoner of my own affliction,

                     the hostage to my works,

                     the frequenter of my own offense,

                     the confused in my intended way,

                     the thwarted. 

2             I have brought myself to a halt

                     in the halting place of the abased sinners,

                     the halting place of the wretched and insolent,

                     those who think lightly of Thy promise. 

3             Glory be to Thee!

                     What insolence I have insolently shown toward Thee!

                     What delusion with which I have deluded myself! 

4  My Master,

           have mercy on

                     my falling flat on my face

                     the slipping of my foot,

           grant me

                     my ignorance through Thy clemency,

                     and my evildoing through Thy beneficence,

           for I admit my sin

                     and I confess my offense:

           Here are my hand and my forelock!

                     I am resigned to retaliation against my soul!

           Have mercy on

                     my white hair,

                     the depletion of my days,

                     the nearing of my term,

                     my frailty,

                     my misery,

                     and the paucity of my stratagems! 

5             My Master,

                     and have mercy upon me when

                               my trace is cut off from this world,

                               my mention is effaced among the creatures,

                               and I join the forgotten, like the forgotten ones! 

6             My Master,

                     and have mercy upon me at the change of my form and state when

                               my body decays,

                               my limbs are scattered,

                               and my joints are dismembered!

                     O my heedlessness toward what was wanted from me! 

7             My Master,

                     have mercy upon me at my mustering and uprising

                     and on that day, appoint

                               my standing place

                                         with Thy friends,

                               my place of emergence

                                         with Thy beloveds,

                               and my dwelling

                                         in Thy neighbourhood!

                     O Lord of the worlds!