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Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.-21


His Supplication for the Removal of Worries




1  O Reliever of worry!

          O Remover of grief!

          O Merciful in this world and the next

                    and Compassionate in both!

           Bless Muhammad and his Household,

           relieve my worry,

                     and remove my grief! 

2  O One, O Unique, O Eternal Refuge!

           O He Who has not begotten,

                     nor has been begotten,

                     and equal to Him is not any one!272

           Preserve me,

                     purify me,

                     and take away my affliction! 




3  O God,

           I ask Thee

                     with the asking of him

                               whose neediness is intense,

                               whose strength is frail,

                               whose sins are many,

                     the asking of one who finds

                               no helper in his neediness,

                               no strengthener in his frailty,

                               no forgiver of his sin

                                         other than Thee,

                     O Possessor of majesty and munificence!

           I ask of Thee

                     a work through which Thou wilt love him who works it

                     and a certainty by which Thou wilt profit him who is certain

                               with the truth of certainty

                               concerning the execution of Thy command!


4  O God,

           bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad,

           take my soul while it is firm in sincerity,

           cut off my need for this world,

           make my desire for what is with Thee

                     become a yearning to meet Thee,

           and give me true confidence in Thee! 

5  I ask of Thee

                     the good of the writ that has been made

           and I seek refuge with Thee

                     from the evil of the writ that has been made.273

           I ask of Thee

                     the fear of The worshipers,

                     the worship of those humbly fearful of Thee,

                     the certainty of those who have confidence in Thee,

                     and the confidence of those who have faith in Thee. 

6  O God, make

           my desire in my asking

                               like the desire of Thy friends in their asking,

                     and my fear

                               like the fear of Thy friends!

           Employ me in Thy good pleasure through works

                     in which I will not leave aside anything of Thy religion

                     fearing any of Thy creatures! 

7  O God,

           this is my need,

           so make my desire for it great,

                     within it make manifest my excuse,

                     through it instil me with my argument,

                     and by means of it make well my body! 

8  O God,

           some rise in the morning

                     having trust or hope in other than Thee.

           I rise in the morning,

                     and Thou art my trust and my hope in all affairs,

           so decree for me those which are best in outcome

                     and deliver me from misguiding trials,

           O Most Merciful of the merciful! 

9  And God bless our chief,

           Muhammad the Messenger of God, the chosen,

           and his Household, the pure! 


One of his Glorifications of Allah




1  Glory be to Thee, O God,

          and I beg Thy loving care! 

2  Glory be to Thee, O God,

          and high art Thou exalted! 

3  Glory be to Thee, O God,

          and might is Thy loincloth!274 

4  Glory be to Thee, O God,

          and mightiness is Thy cloak! 

5  Glory be to Thee, O God,

          and magnificence is Thy authority! 

6  Glory be to Thee, All-Mighty!

          How mighty Thou art! 

7  Glory be to Thee!

          Thou art glorified in the highest!275

          Thou hearest and seest what is under the soil!276 

8  Glory be to Thee!

          Thou art witness over every whispered conversation!277 

9  Glory be to Thee,

          the place where every complaint is put down! 

10  Glory be to Thee,

          present in every assembly! 

11  Glory be to Thee,

          object of great hopes! 

12  Glory be to Thee!

          Thou seest what is at the lowest depth of the water! 

13  Glory be to Thee!

          Thou hearest the breaths of the fish

          in the lowest depths of the oceans! 

14  Glory be to Thee!

          Thou knowest the weight of the heavens! 

15  Glory be to Thee!

          Thou knowest the weight of the earths! 

16  Glory be to Thee!

          Thou knowest the weight of the sun and the moon! 

17  Glory be to Thee!

          Thou knowest the weight of the darkness and the light! 

18  Glory be to Thee!

          Thou knowest the weight of the shadow and the air! 

19  Glory be to Thee!

          Thou knowest the weight of the wind,

          how many times it is greater than the weight of a dust mote! 

20  Glory be to Thee,

          All-holy, All-holy, All-holy! 

21  Glory be to Thee!

          I wonder how any who knows Thee could fear Thee not! 

22  Glory be to Thee, O God,

          and Thine is the praise! 

23  Glory be to God, the All-high, the All-Mighty! 







1,2  Al-Zuhri related from Sa'id ibn al-Musayyib.278 He said: The people were not going out of Mecca until Ali ibn al-Husayn, the chief of the worshippers (upon him be peace) went out. 

3  So he went out, and they went out with him. He stopped in one of the waystations and prayed two rak'as. Then he glorified God - I mean with this glorification - during his prostration. 

4  There was no tree and no clod of earth that did not glorify along with him, so we were frightened. He raised his head. 

5  He said: O Sa'id, are you frightened? I said: Yes, O son of the Messenger of God! 

6  He said: This is the greatest glorification. It was related to me by my father from his grandfather from the Messenger of God (God bless him and his Household). No sins remain with this glorification. When God (majestic is His majesty) created Gabriel, He inspired him with this glorification. It is God's greatest name. 


A Supplication and Magnification by him (upon him be peace)




1  Praise belongs to God, who

          disclosed Himself to hearts through mightiness,

          veiled Himself from eyes through might,

          and exercises power over the things through power!  

2  Eyes are not firm enough to see Him

          and imaginations reach not the core of His mightiness. 

3  He displays His overwhelming power in mightiness and magnificence,

          robes Himself in might, goodness, and majesty,

          is far removed from imperfection through comeliness and beauty,

          assumes His glory in pride and splendour,

          puts on His majesty through glory and boons,

          and has chosen for Himself light and radiance. 

4  He is a Creator who has no equal,

          a Unique who has no rival,

          a One who has no opposite,

          an Eternal Refuge who has no match,

          a God who has no second,

          an Initiator who has no partner,

          a Provider who has no helper. 

5  He is the First without disappearance,

          the Everlasting without annihilation,

          the Standing without difficulty,

          the Security-giver without end,

          the Originator without term,

          the Maker without anything,

          the Lord without partner,

          the Initiator without discomfort,

          the Accomplisher without incapacity. 

6  He has no bound in space

                    and no limit in time;

          He ever was,

                    He ever is,

                    He ever will be the same,


          He is God,

                    the Living, the Self-subsistent,

                    the Everlasting, the Eternal,

                    the All-powerful, the All-wise. 

7  My God,

          Thy little slave is in Thy courtyard,

          Thy beggar is in Thy courtyard,

          Thy poor one is in Thy courtyard! 



8  My God,

          before Thee tremble the pious tremblers,

          to Thee devote themselves the lamenters,

                    in fear of Thee,

                    in hope of Thee! 

9  O God of Truth,

          have mercy upon the supplication

                    of those who cry for help!

          Pardon the sins

                    of the heedless!

          And increase beneficence

                    toward those who keep turning [to Thee]

                    on the Day they arrive before Thee,

          O Generous God! 


His Supplication in Mentioning the Household of Muhammad (upon them be peace)




1  O God, O He who

          singled out Muhammad and his Household for honour,

          showed favour toward them with messengerhood,

          specified them for the mediation,279

          appointed them the heirs to the prophets,

          sealed with them the executors and the Imams,

          taught them the knowledge of what has been

                    and what remains to be,

          and made the hearts of the people incline toward them! 

2  Bless Muhammad and his Household, the pure,

          and act toward us with that of which Thou art worthy

                    in religion, in this world, and in the next world!

          Thou art powerful over everything.280 


His Supplication in Calling down Blessings upon Adam




1  O God,

          as for Adam,

          the marvel of Thy creation,

          the first made of clay to confess Thy Lordship,

          the beginning of Thy argument

                    against Thy servants and creatures,

          the guide to seeking sanctuary in Thy pardon

                    from Thy punishment,

          the opener of the paths of repentance toward Thee,

          the giver of the creatures access to knowledge of Thee, 

2            the one concerning whom Thou hast conveyed Thy good pleasure

                    through Thy kindness and Thy mercy toward him, 

3            the one who turned back and did not persist in disobeying Thee,

          the forerunner

                    among the self-abasers,

                              who shaved his head in Thy sacred precinct,

                    and among the seekers of access to Thy pardon,

                              through obedience after disobedience,

          and the father of the prophets,

                    who were made to suffer for Thy sake

                    and who strove more than all the earth's inhabitants

                              in obeying Thee - 

4            bless him, Thou - O All-merciful -

                    Thy angels

                    and the inhabitants of Thy heavens

                    and Thy earth,

          just as he magnified Thy inviolable commands

                    and guided us upon the path of Thy good pleasure,

          O Most Merciful of the merciful! 


His Supplication in Distress

His Supplication in Distress and Seeking Release




1  My God,

          let not my enemy gloat over me

          and torment not my dear kinsman or friend through me! 

2  My God,

          of Thy glances, give me one glance, and thereby

                    remove from me

                              that by which Thou hast afflicted me

                    and return me to

                              the best of Thy customs with me!

          Respond to my supplication

                    and the supplication of him who devotes his supplication

                              sincerely to Thee,

                    for my power has become frail,

                              my stratagems few,

                              my situation severe,

                    and I despair of what is with Thy creatures,

                              so nothing remains for me but hope in Thee! 

3  My God,

          surely Thy power to remove

                              that in which I dwell

                    is like Thy power in

                              that with which Thou hast afflicted me!

          And surely the remembrance of Thy acts of kindliness

                              comforts me

                    and hope in Thy showing favour and Thy bounty

                    strengthens me,

                    for I have not been without Thy favour

                              ever since Thou created me. 

4  And Thou, my God, art

          my place of flight,

          my asylum,

          my protector,

          my defender, 

5            the loving toward me,

          the compassionate,

                    and the guarantor of my provision.

          In Thy decree lay what has settled upon me

                    and in Thy knowledge that to which I have come home.  

6  So, my Patron and Master,

          place within that which Thou hast



                    and made unavoidable for me,

          my well-being

          and that wherein lies

                    my soundness

                    and my deliverance from that in which I am! 

7            I hope for none to repel this other than Thee,

                    and I rely in it only upon Thee. 

8            O Possessor of majesty and munificence,

                    be with my best opinion of Thee!281 

9            Have mercy upon my frailty and the paucity of my stratagems,

          remove my distress,

          grant my supplication,

          ease me from my stumble,

          and show kindness to me in that

                    and to everyone who supplicates Thee!

          My Master, Thou hast commanded me to supplicate

                              and undertaken to respond,282

                    and Thy promise is the truth

                              in which there is no failing,

                              nor any change.283 

10  So bless Muhammad, Thy prophet and servant,

          and the pure, the Folk of his House,

          and help me,

                    surely Thou art

                              the help of him who has no help

                              and the stronghold of him who has no stronghold,

                    while I am the distressed

                              the response to whom and the removal of evil from whom

                              Thou hast made obligatory!284 

11            So respond to me,

                    remove my concern,

                    relieve my gloom,

                    return my state to the best it has been,

                    and repay me not according to what I deserve,

                              but according to Thy mercy

                              which embracest all things,285

                    O Possessor of majesty and munificence!

          Bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad,

                    hear, and respond,

                    O All-mighty!