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Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.-26


The Whispered Prayer of the Obedient Toward God  



In the Name of God, the All-merciful,

the All-compassionate


1  O God,

          inspire us to obey Thee,

          turn us aside from disobeying Thee,

          make it easy for us to reach

                    the seeking of Thy good pleasure which we wish,

          set us down in the midst of Thy Gardens,

          dispel from our insights the clouds of misgiving,

          uncover from our hearts the wrappings of doubt and the veil,

          make falsehood vanish from our innermost minds,

                    and fix the truth in our secret thoughts,

          for doubts and opinions fertilize temptations

                    and muddy the purity of gifts and kindnesses! 

2  O God,

          carry us in the ships of Thy deliverance,

          give us to enjoy the pleasure of whispered prayer to Thee,

          make us drink at the pools of Thy love,

          let us taste the sweetness of Thy affection and nearness,

          allow us to struggle in Thee,316

          preoccupy us with obeying Thee,

                    and purify our intentions in devoting works to Thee,

          for we exist through Thee and belong to Thee,

          and we have no one to mediate with Thee but Thee! 

3  My God,

          place me among the chosen, the good,

          Join me to

                    the righteous,

                    the pious,

                    the first to reach generous gifts,

                    the swift to come upon good things,

                    the workers of the abiding acts of righteousness,

                    the strivers after elevated degrees!

          Thou art powerful over everything317

                    and disposed to respond!

          By Thy mercy,

                    O Most Merciful of the merciful! 


The Whispered Prayer of the Devotees





In the Name of God, the All-merciful,

the All-compassionate


1  Glory be to Thee!

          How narrow are the paths

                    for him whom Thou hast not guided!

          How plain the truth

                    for him whom Thou hast guided on his way! 

2  My God,

          so make us travel

                              on the roads that arrive at Thee

                    and set us into motion

                              on the paths nearest to reaching Thee!

          Make near for us the far,

                    and make easy for us the hard and difficult!

          Join us to Thy servants, those who

                    hurry to Thee swiftly,

                    knock constantly at Thy door,

                    and worship Thee by night and by day,

                    while they remain apprehensive in awe of Thee!

          Thou hast purified their drinking places,

                    taken them to the objects of their desire,

                    granted their requests,

                    accomplished their wishes through Thy bounty,

                    filled their minds with Thy love,

                    and quenched their thirst with Thy pure drink.

          Through Thee have they reached

                              the pleasure of whispered prayer to Thee,

                    and in Thee have they achieved

                              their furthest goals.

          O He who

                    comes toward those who come toward Him

                    and grants gifts and bestows bounty upon them

                              through tenderness!

                    He is compassionate and clement toward those

                              heedless of His remembrance

                    and loving and tender in drawing them to His door!

          I ask Thee to place me among those of them who have

                    the fullest share from Thee,

                    the highest station with Thee,

                    the most plentiful portion of Thy love,

                    and the most excellent allotment of Thy knowledge,

          for my aspiration has been cut off from everything but Thee

                    and my desire has turned toward Thee alone.

Thou art my object, none other;

          to Thee alone belongs my waking and my sleeplessness.

Meeting Thee is the gladness of my eye,

          joining Thee the wish of my soul.

Toward Thee is my yearning,

          in love for Thee my passionate longing,

          in inclining toward Thee my fervent craving.

Thy good pleasure is the aim I seek,

          vision of Thee my need,

          Thy neighbourhood my request,

          nearness to Thee the utmost object of my asking.

In whispered prayer to Thee

          I find my repose and my ease.

With Thee lies the remedy of my illness,

          the cure for my burning thirst,

          the coolness of my ardour,

          the removal of my distress.

Be my intimate in my loneliness,

          the releaser of my stumble,

          the forgiver of my slip,

          the accepter of my repentance,

          the responder to my supplication,

          the patron of preserving me from sin,

          the one who frees me from my neediness!

Cut me not off from Thee

          and keep me not far from Thee!

O my bliss and my garden!

          O my this world and my hereafter!

          O Most Merciful of the merciful! 


The Whispered Prayer of the Lovers





In the Name of God, the All-merciful,

the All-compassionate


1  My God,

          who can have tasted the sweetness of Thy love,

                    then wanted another in place of Thee?

          Who can have become intimate with Thy nearness,

                    then sought removal from Thee? 

2  My God, place us with him

          whom Thou hast

                    chosen for Thy nearness and Thy friendship,

                    purified through Thy affection and Thy love,

                    given yearning for the meeting with Thee,

                    made pleased with Thy decree,

                    granted gazing upon Thy face,

                    shown the favour of Thy good pleasure,

                    given refuge from separation from Thee and Thy loathing,

                    settled in a sure sitting place in Thy neighbourhood,

                    singled out for true knowledge of Thee,

                    made worthy for worship of Thee,

          whose heart Thou hast captivated with Thy will,

          whom Thou hast picked for contemplating Thee,

          whose look Thou hast made empty for Thee,

          whose breast Thou hast freed for Thy love,

          whom Thou hast made

                    desirous of what is with Thee,

                    inspired with Thy remembrance,

                    allotted thanksgiving to Thee,

                    occupied with obeying Thee,

                    turned into one of Thy righteous creatures,

                    chosen for whispered prayer to Thee,

          and from whom Thou hast cut off all things

                    which cut him off from Thee! 

3  O God,

          place us among those

                    whose habit is rejoicing in Thee and yearning for Thee,

                    whose time is spent in sighing and moaning!

          Their foreheads are bowed down before Thy mightiness,

                    their eyes wakeful in Thy service,

                    their tears flowing in dread of Thee,

                    their hearts fixed upon Thy love,

                    their cores shaken with awe of Thee.

          O He

                    the lights of whose holiness

                              induce wonder in the eyes of His lovers,

                    the glories of whose face

                              arouse the longing of the hearts of His knowers!

          O Furthest Wish of the hearts of the yearners!

                    O Utmost Limit of the hopes of the lovers!

          I ask from Thee love for Thee,

                    love for those who love Thee,

                    love for every work which will join me to Thy nearness,

                    and that Thou makest Thyself more beloved to me

                              than anything other than Thee

                    and makest

                              my love for Thee

                                        lead to Thy good pleasure,

                              and my yearning for Thee

                                        protect against disobeying Thee!

          Oblige me by allowing me to gaze upon Thee,

                    gaze upon me with the eye of affection and tenderness,

                    turn not Thy face away from me,

                    and make me one of the people of happiness with Thee

                              and favoured position!

          O Responder,

                    O Most Merciful of the merciful! 


The Whispered Prayer of those Asking for Mediation





In the Name of God, the All-merciful,

the All-compassionate


1  My God,

          I have no mediation with Thee

                    but the tender acts of Thy clemency,

          nor any way to come to Thee

                    but the gentle favours of Thy mercy

                    and the intercession of Thy Prophet,

                              the prophet of mercy,

                              who rescued the community from confusion.

          Make these two my tie to attaining Thy forgiveness

                    and let them take me to triumph through Thy good pleasure!

          My hope has dismounted

                              in the sacred precinct of Thy generosity,

                    my craving has alighted

                              in the courtyard of Thy munificence.

          So actualize my expectation from Thee,

                    seal my works with good,

                    and place me among Thy selected friends, those

                              whom Thou hast set down

                                        in the midst of Thy Garden,

                              and settled in the abode of Thy honour,

                              whose eyes Thou hast gladdened

                                        by gazing upon Thee

                                        on the day of meeting Thee,

                              and whom Thou hast made heirs to

                                        the sure stations in Thy neighbourhood! 

2  O He

          none more generous than whom is reached by the reachers

                    and none more merciful than whom is found by the aimers!

          O Best of those with whom the lonely are alone,

                    O Tenderest of those with whom outcasts seek haven!

          Toward the expanse of Thy pardon have I extended my hand,

                    upon the skirt of Thy generosity have I fastened my grasp!

          Show me no deprivation

                    and afflict me not with disappointment and loss!

          O Hearer of supplications!

                    O Most Merciful of the merciful! 



The Whispered Prayer of the Utterly Poor





In the Name of God, the All-merciful,

the All-compassionate


1  My God,

          nothing will

                    mend my fracture but Thy gentleness and loving care,

                    free me of my poverty but Thy affection and beneficence,

                    still my fright but Thy security,

                    exalt my abasement but Thy sovereignty,

                    take me to my hope but Thy bounty,

                    remedy my lack but Thy graciousness,

                    accomplish my need other than Thou,

                    relieve my distress other than Thy mercy,

                    remove my injury other than Thy clemency,

                    cool my burning thirst but reaching Thee,

                    quench my ardour but meeting Thee,

                    damp my yearning but gazing upon Thy face,

                    settle my settling place without closeness to Thee,

                    allay my worry but Thy repose,

                    cure my illness but Thy medicine,

                    eliminate my grief but Thy nearness,

                    heal my wound but Thy forgiveness,

                    remove the rust on my heart but Thy pardon,

                    banish the confusing thoughts from my breast but

                                                                      Thy command! 

2  O Utmost Hope of the hopers!

          O Ultimate Demand of the askers!

          O Furthest Request of the requesters!

          O Highest Desire of the desirers!

          O Patron of the righteous!

          O Security of the fearful!

          O Responder to the supplication of the distressed!

          O Storehouse of the destitute!

          O Treasure of the pitiful!

          O Help of the help-seekers!

          O Accomplisher of the needs of the poor and the miserable!

          O Most Generous of the most generous!

                    O Most Merciful of the merciful!

          To Thee is my humble subjection and request,

                    to Thee my pleading and imploring!

          I ask Thee

                    to let me attain

                              the repose of Thy good pleasure,

                    and to make constant toward me

                              the favours of Thy kindness!

          Here am I,

                    standing before the gate of Thy generosity,

                    opening myself up to the breezes of Thy goodness,

                    holding fast to Thy strong cord,

                    clinging to Thy firm handle! 

3  My God,

          have mercy upon Thy lowly slave

                    of silent tongue and few good works,

          obligate him through Thy plentiful graciousness,

                    shelter him under Thy plenteous shade!

          O Generous, O Beautiful,

                    O Most Merciful of the merciful! 


The Whispered Prayer of the Knowers





In the Name of God, the All-merciful,

the All-compassionate


1  My God,

          tongues fall short of attaining

                    praise of Thee proper to Thy majesty,

          intellects are incapable of grasping

                    the core of Thy beauty,

          eyes fail before gazing

                    upon the glories of Thy face,

          and Thou hast assigned to Thy creatures

                    no way to know Thee

                    save incapacity to know Thee! 

2  My God,

          place us among those

                    within the gardens of whose breasts

                              the trees of yearning for Thee have taken firm root

                    and the assemblies of whose hearts

                              have been seized by the ardour of Thy love!

          They seek shelter

                    in the nests of meditation,

          feed upon the gardens

                    of nearness and disclosure,

          drink from the pools of love

                    with the cup of gentle favour,

          and enter into the watering-places

                    of warm affection.

          The covering has been lifted

                    from their eyes,318

          the darkness of disquiet has been dispelled

                    from their beliefs and their innermost minds,

          the contention of doubt has been negated

                    from their hearts and their secret thoughts,

          their breasts have expanded

                    through the verification of true knowledge,

          their aspirations have ascended

                    through precedent good fortune in renunciation,

          their drinking is sweet

                    from the spring of devotion to good works,

          their secret thoughts are delicious

                    in the sitting-place of intimacy,

          their minds are secure

                    in the place of terror,

          their souls are serene

                    through the return to the Lord of lords,319

          their spirits have reached certitude

                    through triumph and prosperity,

          their eyes have been gladdened

                    through gazing upon their Beloved,

          their settling place has been settled

                    through reaching the request and attaining the expectation,

          and their commerce has profited

                    through the sale of this world for the next! 

3  My God,

          how agreeable for hearts are

                    the thoughts inspiring Thy remembrance,

          how sweet

                    travelling to Thee through imagination

                    upon the roads of the unseen worlds,

          how pleasant

                    the taste of Thy love,

          how delightful

                    the drink of Thy nearness!

          So give us refuge from Thy casting out and Thy sending far,

                    and place us among

                              the most elect of Thy knowers,

                              the most righteous of Thy servants,

                              the most truthful of Thy obeyers,

                              the most sincere of Thy worshipers!

          O All-mighty, O Majestic,

                    O Generous, O Endower!

          By Thy mercy and kindness,

                    O Most Merciful of the merciful!