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Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.-3

His Supplication in the Morning and Evening




1  Praise belongs to God,

          who created night and day

                    through His strength, 

2            set them apart

                    through His power, 

3            and appointed for each

                    a determined limit

                    and a drawn-out period. 

4  He makes each of the two enter into its companion,

                    and makes its companion enter into it,

          as an ordainment from Him for His servants

                    in that through which He feeds them

                    and with which He makes them grow. 

5  He created for them the night,

          that they might rest in it68

                    from tiring movements

                    and wearisome exertions

          and He made it a garment for them

                    that they might be clothed

                    in its ease and its sleep,

          that it might be for them refreshment and strength,

                    that they might reach therein pleasure and passion. 

6  He created for them the daytime, giving sight,

          that they might seek within it of His bounty,69

          find the means to His provision,

          and roam freely in His earth,

                    searching for that through which

                              to attain the immediate in their life in this world

                              and to achieve the deferred in their life to come. 

7  Through all of this He sets right their situation,

          tries their records,70

          and watches their state in

                    the times for obeying Him,

                    the waystations of His obligations,

                    and the places of His ordinances,

          that He may repay those who do evil with what they have done

                    and repay those who do good with goodness.71 

8  O God,

          to Thee belongs praise

          for the sky Thou hast split into dawn for us,72

                    giving us to enjoy thereby the brightness of daytime,

                    showing us sought-after nourishments,

                    and protecting us from the striking of blights. 

9  In the morning we and all things, every one, rise for Thee,

          the heaven and the earth

          and what Thou hast scattered in each,

                    the still and the moving,

                    the resident and the journeying,

                    what towers up in the air and what hides under the ground. 

10  We rise in the morning in Thy grasp:

          Thy kingdom and authority contain us

                    and Thy will embraces us.

          We move about by Thy command

                    and turn this way and that through Thy governing. 

11            We own nothing of the affair

                    except what Thou hast decreed

          and nothing of the good

                    except what Thou hast given. 

12            This is a fresh, new day,

                    over us a ready witness.

          If we do good,

                    it will take leave from us with praise,

          and if we do evil,

                    it will part from us in blame. 

13  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          provide us with the day's good companionship

          and preserve us against parting from it badly

                    by doing a misdeed

                    or committing a sin, whether small or great! 

14            Make our good deeds within it plentiful

                    empty us therein of evil deeds,

                    and fill what lies between its two sides for us

                              with praise and thanksgiving,

                              wages and stores,

                              bounty and beneficence! 

15  O God,

          ease our burden on the Noble Writers,73

          fill our pages for us

                    with our good deeds,

          and degrade us not before them

                    with our evil works! 

16  O God,

          appoint for us in each of the day's hours

                    a share from Thy servants,

                    a portion of giving thanks to Thee,

                    and a truthful witness among Thy angels! 

17  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household

          and safeguard us from before us and behind us,

                    from our right hands and our left hands

                    and from all our directions,74

          a safeguarding that will preserve from disobeying Thee,

                    guide to obeying Thee,

                    and be employed for Thy love! 

18  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household

          and give us success in this day of ours,

                    this night of ours,

                    and in all our days,

          to employ the good,

          stay away from the evil,

          give thanks for favours,

          follow the Sunna's norms,

          avoid innovations,

          enjoin good behaviour,

          forbid the disapproved,

          defend Islam,

          diminish falsehood and abase it,

          help the truth and exalt it,

          guide the misguided,

          assist the weak,

                     and reach out to the troubled! 

19  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household

          and make this

                    the most fortunate day we have known,

                    the most excellent companion we have accompanied,

                    and the best time in which we have lingered! 

20            Place us among

                    the most satisfied of all Thy creatures

                              whom night and day have passed by,

                    the most thankful of them

                              for the favours Thou hast done,

                    the firmest of them

                              in the laws Thou hast set down in the Shari'a,

                    and the most unyielding of them

                              toward the prohibited acts

                              against which Thou hast cautioned! 

21  O God,

          I call Thee to witness

          - and Thou art sufficient witness -

          and I call Thy heaven and Thy earth to witness

                    and Thy angels and Thy other creatures who inhabit them

                    in this my day,

                    this my hour,

                    this my night,

                    and this my resting place,

          that I bear witness

                    that Thou art God,

                              other than whom there is no god,

                              Upholding justice,

                              Equitable in judgement,

                              Clement to the servants,75

                              Master of the kingdom,76

                              Compassionate to the creatures, 

22                      and that Muhammad is Thy servant and Thy messenger,

                              Thy chosen from among Thy creatures.

                    Thou didst charge him with Thy message

                              and he delivered it;

                    Thou didst command him to counsel his community

                              and he counselled it. 

23  O God,

          so bless Muhammad and his Household

                    more than Thou hast blessed any of Thy creatures!

          Give him for our sake the best Thou hast given any of Thy servants,

          and repay him on our behalf better and more generously

                    than Thou hast repaid any of Thy prophets

                    on behalf of his community! 

24  Thou art All-kind with immensity,

          the Forgiver of the great,

          and Thou art more merciful

                    than every possessor of mercy!

          So bless Muhammad and his Household,

                    the good, the pure, the chosen, the most distinguished! 

His Supplication in Worrisome Tasks

His Supplication when Faced with a Worrisome Task or when Misfortune Descended and at the Time of Distress




1  O He through whom the knots of detested things are untied!

           O He through whom the cutting edge of hardships is blunted!

           O He from whom is begged the outlet to the freshness of relief! 

2  Intractable affairs yield to Thy power,

           means are made ready by Thy gentleness,

           the decree goes into effect through Thy power,

           and all things proceed according to Thy desire. 

3  By Thy desire they follow Thy command

                     without Thy word

           and by Thy will they obey Thy bans

                     without Thy prohibition. 

4  Thou art the supplicated in worries

                     and the place of flight in misfortunes;

           none of them is repelled unless Thou repellest,

                     none is removed unless Thou removest. 

5  Upon me has come down, My Lord,

                     something whose weight burdens me

           and upon me has fallen

                     something whose carrying oppresses me. 

6  Through Thy power

                     Thou hast brought it down upon me

           and through Thy authority

                     Thou hast turned it toward me. 

7  None can send away what Thou hast brought,

           none can deflect what Thou hast turned,

           none can open what Thou hast closed,

           none can close what Thou hast opened,

           none can make easy what Thou hast made difficult,

           none can help him whom Thou hast abandoned. 

8  So bless Muhammad and his Household,

           open for me, my Lord, the door of relief through Thy graciousness,

           break from me the authority of worry by Thy strength,

           confer the beauty of Thy gaze upon my complaint,

           let me taste the sweetness of benefaction in what I ask,

           give me from Thyself mercy and wholesome relief,

           and appoint for me from Thyself a quick way out! 

9  Distract me not through worry

           from observing Thy obligations

           and acting in accordance with Thy prescriptions. 

10  My capacity has been straitened, my Lord,

                     by what has come down on me,

           and I am filled with worry

                     by carrying what has happened to me,

           while Thou hast power to remove what has afflicted me

                     and to repel that into which I have fallen.

           So do that for me

                     though I merit it not from Thee,

                     O Possessor of the Mighty Throne! 


His Supplication in Seeking Refuge

His Supplication in Seeking Refuge from Hateful Things, Bad Moral Qualities, and Blameworthy Acts




1  O God, I seek refuge in Thee

           from the agitation of craving,

           the violence of wrath,

           the domination of envy,

           the frailty of patience,

           the lack of contentment,

           surliness of character,

           urgency of passion,

           the disposition to vehemence, 

2             following caprice,77

           opposing guidance,

           the sleep of heedlessness,

           undertaking the toilsome,

           preferring falsehood over truth,

           persisting in sin,

           making little of disobedience,

           making much of obedience, 

3             vying with the wealthy,

           disparaging the poor,

           guarding badly over those in our hands,

           failing to thank those who have done good to us, 

4             aiding a wrongdoer,

           abandoning someone troubled,

           wanting what is not rightfully ours,

           and speaking about knowledge without knowing. 

5  We seek refuge in Thee from

           harbouring dishonesty toward anyone,

           being pleased with our works,

           and stretching out our expectations. 

6  We seek refuge in Thee from


           looking down on the small,

           Satan's gaining mastery over us,

           time's afflicting us,

           and the sovereign's oppressing us. 

7  We seek refuge in Thee from

           acting with prodigality

           and not having sufficiency. 

8  We seek refuge in Thee from

           the gloating of enemies,

           indigent need for equals,

           living in hardship,

           and dying without readiness. 

9  We seek refuge in Thee from

           the most dreadful remorse,

           the greatest affliction,

           the most wretched wretchedness,

           the evil end to the journey,

           the deprivation of reward,

           and the advent of punishment. 

10  O God,

bless Muhammad and his Household

           and through Thy mercy, give to me refuge from all of that,

                     and to all the faithful, both men and women!

           O Most Merciful of the merciful! 


His Supplication in Yearning

His Supplication in Yearning to Ask Forgiveness from God




1  O God,

           bless Muhammad and his Household,

           make us go to the repentance that Thou lovest

           and make us leave the persistence that Thou hatest! 

2  O God,

           when we halt before two decreases,

                     in religion or in this world,

           let the decrease fall upon that which passes quickly

                     and relent in that which lasts the longer! 

3             When we set out after two concerns,

                     one of which makes Thee pleased with us

                     and the other of which displeases Thee,

           incline us toward that which makes Thee pleased

                     and weaken our strength in that which displeases Thee! 

4             Leave not our souls alone to choose in that,

                     for they choose falsehood

                               except inasmuch as Thou givest success,

                     and they command to evil

                               except inasmuch as Thou hast mercy!78 

5  O God,

           thou created us from frailty,79

           built us up from feebleness,

                     and began us from a mean water;80

           we have no force except through Thy strength

                     and no strength except through Thy help. 

6             So confirm us

                     by giving us success,

           point us the right way

                     by Thy pointing,

           blind the eyes of our hearts

                     toward everything opposed to Thy love,

           and set not in any of our limbs

                     passage to disobeying Thee! 

7  O God,

           bless Muhammad and his Household

           and assign

                               the whisperings of our hearts,

                               the movements of our members,

                               the glances of our eyes,

                               and the idioms of our tongues,

                     to that which makes incumbent Thy reward, lest

                     a good deed slip by us,

                               through which we might deserve Thy repayment,

                     or an evil deed remain with us,

                               by which we might merit Thy punishment!