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Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.-5

His Supplication in Confession

His Supplication in Confession and in Seeking Repentance toward God




1  O God,

          three traits have prevented me from asking Thee

          and one trait has urged me on: 

2  I am prevented by

          a command Thou hast commanded

                    in which I have been slow,

          a prohibition Thou hast prohibited

                    toward which I have hurried,

          and a favour through which Thou hast favoured

                    for which I have not given sufficient thanks. 

3  I am urged to ask Thee

          by Thy gratuitous bounty upon him who

                    turns his face toward Thee

                    and comes to Thee with a good opinion,

          since all Thy beneficence is gratuitous bounty

                    and every one of Thy favours a new beginning! 

4  So here I am, my God,

          standing at the gate of Thy might,

                    the standing of the lowly, the surrendered,

          asking Thee in my shame,

                    the asking of the destitute, the pitiful, 

5            admitting to Thee that

                    at the time of Thy beneficence I surrendered not

                              save through abstaining from disobedience toward Thee

                    and in none of my states was I ever without

                              Thy Kindness. 

6  Will it profit me, my God,

                    to admit to Thee the evil of what I have earned?

          Will it save me from Thee

                    to confess the ugliness of what I have done?

          Or wilt Thou impose upon me in this my station Thy displeasure?

                    Will Thy hate hold fast to me in the time of my supplication? 

7  Glory be to Thee!

          I do not despair of Thee,

                    for Thou hast opened the door of repentance toward Thyself.

          Rather, I say,

                    the words of a lowly servant,

                              having wronged himself

                              and made light of his Lord's inviolability, 

8                                and whose sins are dreadful, great,

                              whose days have parted, fled,

          until, when he sees the term of his works expired

                    and the limit of his lifetime reached

          and knows with certainty that he has no escape from Thee,

                    no place to flee from Thee,

          he turns his face toward Thee in repeated turning,

                    makes his repentance toward Thee sincere,

                    stands before Thee with a pure and purified heart,

          then supplicates Thee with a feeble, quiet voice. 

9            He is bowed before Thee, bent,

                    his head lowered, thrown down,

                    his legs shaking in fear,

                    his tears flooding his cheeks.

          He supplicates Thee:

          O Most Merciful of the merciful!

                    O Most Merciful of those toward whom seekers of mercy

                              keep on turning!

                    O Tenderest of those around whom run

                              seekers of forgiveness!

                    O He whose pardon is greater

                              than His vengeance!

                    O He whose good pleasure is more abundant

                              than His anger!82 

10                      O He who seeks His creatures' praise

                              with excellent forbearance!

                    O He who has accustomed His servants

                              to the acceptance of their repeated turning!83

                    O He who seeks to heal their corruption

                              through repentance!

                    O He who is pleased with the easy

                              of their acts!

                    O He who recompenses with the much

                              their little!

                    O He who has made himself accountable to them

                              to respond to supplication!84

                    O He who pledged Himself by His gratuitous bounty

                              to give them excellent repayment! 

11            I am not the most disobedient of those who have disobeyed Thee

                              and whom Thou hast forgiven,

                    nor am I the most blameworthy to offer excuses

                              which Thou hast accepted,

                    nor am I the most wrongdoing of those who have

                                                  repented to Thee,

                              and to whom Thou hast returned 

12            I repent to Thee in this my station,

                    the repentance of one

                              remorseful over what preceded from him hastily,

                              apprehensive of what has gathered around him,

                              pure in shame for that into which he has fallen, 

13            knowing that

                    pardoning great sins is nothing great for Thee.85

                              overlooking enormous misdeeds is not difficult for Thee,

                    putting up with indecent crimes does not trouble Thee,

                    and the most beloved of Thy servants to Thee is he who

                              refrains from arrogance before Thee,

                              pulls aside from persistence,

                              and holds fast to praying forgiveness! 

14            I am clear before Thee of arrogance,

                    I seek refuge in Thee from persistence,

                    I pray forgiveness from Thee for shortcomings,

                    I seek help from Thee in incapacity! 

15  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          dispense with what is incumbent upon me toward Thee,

          release me from what I merit from Thee,

                    and grant me sanctuary from what the evildoers fear!

          For Thou art full of pardon,

                    the hoped-for source of forgiveness,

                    well known for Thy forbearance.

          My need has no object but Thee,

                    my sin no forgiver other than Thee

                    - could that be possible? 

16            I have no fear for myself except from Thee;

                    Thou art worthy of reverential fear,

                    and worthy to forgive!86

          Bless Muhammad and his Household,

                    grant my need,

                    answer my request favourably,

                    forgive my sin,

                    and give me security from fear for myself!

          Thou art powerful over everything,87

                    and that is easy for Thee.

Amen, Lord of the worlds!


His Supplication in Seeking Needs from God




1  O God,

          O ultimate object of needs! 

2            O He through whom requests

                    are attained! 

3            O He whose favours are not bought

                    by prices! 

4            O He who does not muddy His gifts

                    by the imposition of obligations! 

5            O He along with whom nothing is needed

                    and without whom nothing can be done! 

6            O He toward whom desire is ever directed

                    and never turned away! 

7            O He whose treasuries cannot be exhausted

                    by demands! 

8            O He whose wisdom cannot be altered

                    by any means! 

9            O He from whom the needs of the needy

                    are never cut off! 

10            O He who is not distressed

                    by the supplications of the supplicators! 

11  Thou hast lauded Thyself for having no need for Thy creatures,

                    and it suits Thee to have no need for them, 

12            and Thou hast attributed to them poverty,

                    and it suits them to be poor toward Thee.88 

13  So he who strives to remedy his lack through what is with Thee

                    and wishes to turn poverty away from himself through Thee

          has sought his need in the most likely place

                    and come to his request from the right quarter. 

14  But he who turns in his need toward one of Thy creatures

                    or assigns the cause of its being granted to other than Thee,

          has exposed himself to deprivation

                    and deserves to miss Thy beneficence. 

15  O God,

          I have a need of Thee:

          My exertion has fallen short of it

                    and my stratagems have been cut back before reaching it.

          My soul induced me to present it to him who

                    presents his needs to Thee

                    and can do nothing without Thee in his requests,

          but this is one of the slips of the offenders,

                    one of the stumbles of the sinners! 

16  Then through Thy reminding me,

                    I was aroused from my heedlessness,

          through Thy giving success,

                    I stood up from my slip,

          and through Thy pointing the way,

                    I returned and withdrew from my stumble. 

17  I said:

          Glory to my Lord!

          How can the needy ask from the needy?

          How can the destitute beseech the destitute? 

18  So I went straight to Thee, my God, in beseeching,

          and I sent Thee my hope with trust in Thee. 

19  I came to know that

          the many I request from Thee are few before Thy wealth,

                    the weighty I ask from Thee is vile before Thy plenty;

          Thy generosity is not constrained by anyone's asking,

                    Thy hand is higher in bestowing gifts than every hand! 

20  O God,

          so bless Muhammad and his Household,

          take me through Thy generosity

                              to Thy gratuitous bounty

                    and take me not through Thy justice

                              to what I deserve!

          I am not the first beseecher to beseech Thee

                              and Thou bestowed upon him

                              while he deserved withholding,

                    nor am I the first to ask from Thee

                              and Thou wast bounteous toward him

                              while he merited deprivation. 

21  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

                    respond to my supplication,

                    come near my call,

                    have mercy on my pleading,

                    listen to my voice, 

22                      cut not short my hope for Thee,

                    sever not my thread to Thee,

                    turn not my face in this my need,

                              and other needs,

                              away from Thee, 

23                      attend for my sake to

                              the fulfilment of my request,

                              the granting of my need,

                              and the attainment of what I have asked

                                        before I leave this place

                              through Thy making easy for me the difficult

                              and Thy excellent ordainment for me in all affairs! 

24  Bless Muhammad and his Household

          with a permanent, ever-growing blessing,

                    whose perpetuity has no cutting off

                    and whose term knows no limit,

          and make that a help to me

                    and a cause for the granting of my request!

          Thou art Boundless, Generous! 

25  And of my needs, My Lord, are such and such. 





26            Thy bounty has comforted me

                    and Thy beneficence has shown the way,

          So I ask Thee by Thee

                    and by Muhammad and his Household

                              (Thy blessings be upon them)

                    that Thou sendest me not back in disappointment! 


His Supplication in Acts of Wrongdoing

His Supplication when Hostility was Shown to Him or when he Saw what he did not Like in Wrongdoers89




1  O He from whom is not concealed

          news of the aggrieved! 

2  O He who has no need to be told about them

          by the witnessing of the witnesses! 

3  O He who whose help is near to the wronged! 

4  O He whose aid is far from the wrongdoers! 

5  Thou knowest, my God,

          how so-and-so, son of so-and-so, has harmed me

                    in that which Thou hast forbidden,

          and how he has violated me

                    in that which Thou hast prohibited,

          showing thereby ingratitude toward Thy favour upon him

                    and delusion concerning what Thou hast denied him. 

6  O God,

          so bless Muhammad and his Household,

          keep my wrongdoing enemy from wronging me through Thy strength,

          blunt his blade toward me through Thy power,

          and assign to him

                    a diversion in that which is close to him

                    and the inability to reach his enemy! 

7  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          let the wrongdoer not find it easy to wrong me,

          give me good help against him,

          preserve me from the like of his acts,

          and place me not in the like of his situation! 

8  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          and assist me with an immediate assistance

                    that will heal my rage toward him

                    and redeem my fury toward him! 

9  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          compensate me for his wronging me with Thy pardon

                    and replace his evil action toward me with Thy mercy,

          for every detested thing less than Thy anger is slight

                    and every disaster next to Thy rancour indifferent! 

10  O God,

          just as Thou hast made me detest being wronged,

          so also protect me from doing wrong! 

11  O God,

          I complain to no one but Thee,

          and I seek help from no ruler other than Thee -

                    how could I?

          So bless Muhammad and his Household,

          join my supplication to response,

                    and unite my complaint with change! 

12  O God,

          tempt me not with despair of Thy just treatment

                    and tempt him not with feeling secure from Thy disapproval,

          lest he persist in wronging me

                    and constrain me in my rights.90

          Let him soon recognize

                    what Thou hast promised the wrongdoers91

          and let me recognize

                    Thy promised response to the distressed!92 

13  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          give me success in accepting Thy decrees

                    for me and against me,

          make me pleased with what Thou takest

                    for me and from me,

          guide me to that which is most upright

                    and employ me in that which is safest! 

14  O God,

          if the best for me with Thee lies

                    in delaying the taking to task for my sake

                              of him who has wronged me

                    and in refraining from vengeance toward him

                    until the Day of Decision and

                    the Gathering of Disputants,

          then bless Muhammad and his Household,

          strengthen me from Thee

                    with true intention

                    and lasting patience, 

15            give me refuge

                    from evil desire

                    and the impatience of the greedy,

          and form in my heart the image of

                    Thy reward

                              which Thou hast stored away for me

                    and the repayment and punishment

                              which Thou has prepared for my disputant!

          Make this a cause of my contentment

                    with what Thou hast decreed

          and my trust

                    in what Thou hast chosen! 

16            Amen, Lord of the worlds!

          Thou art of bounty abounding

          and Thou art powerful over everything.