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Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.-8


His Supplication in Sorrow

His Supplication when Something Made him Sorrow and Offenses Made him Worry




1  O God,

          O Sufficer of the isolated and weak

                    and Protector against terrifying affairs!

          Offenses have isolated me,

                    so there is none to be my companion.

          I am too weak for Thy wrath

                    and there is none to strengthen me.

          I have approached the terror of meeting Thee

                    and there is none to still my fear. 

2  Who can make me secure from Thee

                    when Thou hast filled me with terror?

          Who can come to my aid

                    when Thou hast isolated me?

          Who can strengthen me

                    when Thou hast weakened me? 

3  None can grant sanctuary to a vassal, my God,

                    but a lord,

          none can give security to one dominated

                    but a dominator,

          none can aid him from whom demands are made

                     but a demander. 

4  In Thy hand, my God, is the thread of all that,

                    in Thee the place of escape and flight,

          so bless Muhammad and his Household,

                    give sanctuary to me in my flight,

                    and grant my request! 

5  O God,

          if Thou shouldst

                    turn Thy generous face away from me,

                    withhold from me Thy immense bounty,

                    forbid me Thy provision,

                    or cut off from me Thy thread,

          I will find no way to anything of my hope

                    other than Thee

          nor be given power over what is with Thee

                    through another's aid,

          for I am Thy servant and in Thy grasp;

                    my forelock is in Thy hand.104 

6            I have no command along with Thy command.

                    'Accomplished is Thy judgement of me,

                    just Thy decree for me!'105

          I have not the strength to emerge from Thy authority

                    nor am I able to step outside Thy power.

          I cannot win Thy inclination,

                     arrive at Thy good pleasure,

                     or attain what is with Thee

                    except through obeying Thee

                    and through the bounty of Thy mercy. 

7  O God,

          I rise in the morning and enter into evening

                    as Thy lowly slave.

          I own no profit and loss for myself

                    except through Thee.

           I witness to that over myself

          and I confess to the frailty of my strength

                    and the paucity of my stratagems.

           So accomplish what Thou hast promised me

                    and complete for me what Thou hast given me,

          for I am Thy slave,

                    miserable, abased,

                    frail, distressed, vile,

                    despised, poor, fearful,

                     and seeking sanctuary! 

8  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household

          and let me not

                    forget to remember Thee in what Thou hast done for me,

                     be heedless of Thy beneficence in Thy trying me,

                    or despair of Thy response to me,

                               though it keep me waiting,

                     whether I be in prosperity or adversity,

                               hardship or ease,

                               well-being or affliction,

                               misery or comfort,

                               wealth or distress,

                               poverty or riches! 

9  O God,

           bless Muhammad and his Household,

           make me laud Thee, extol Thee, and praise Thee in all my states

                     so that I rejoice not over what Thou givest me of this world

                     nor sorrow over that of it which Thou withholdest from me!

           Impart reverential fear of Thee to my heart,

           employ my body in that which Thou acceptest from me,

           and divert my soul through obedience to Thee

                    from all that enters upon me,

           so that I love nothing that displeases Thee

                     and become displeased at nothing that pleases Thee! 

10  O God,

           bless Muhammad and his Household,

          empty my heart for Thy love,

           occupy it with remembering Thee,

           animate it with fear of Thee and quaking before Thee,

          strengthen it with beseeching Thee,

          incline it to Thy obedience,

          set it running in the path most beloved to Thee,

           and subdue it through desire for what is with Thee

                     all the days of my life! 

11  Let

          my provision in this world

                     be reverential fear of Thee,106

                     my journey

                               be toward Thy mercy,

                     and my entrance

                               be into Thy good pleasure!

           Appoint for me a lodging

                    in Thy Garden,

           give me strength to bear

                     everything that pleases Thee,

           make me flee to Thee

                     and desire what is with Thee,

           clothe my heart in estrangement

                     from the evil among Thy creatures,

           and give me intimacy with Thee,

                     Thy friends,

                    and those who obey Thee! 

12  Assign to no wicked person or unbeliever

                    a kindness toward me

                     or a hand that obliges me,

          nor to me a need for one of them!

           Rather make

                    the stillness of my heart,

                    the comfort of my soul,

                    my independence and my sufficiency

                    lie in Thee and the best of Thy creatures! 

13  O God,

           bless Muhammad and his Household,

           make me their comrade,

           make me their helper,

          and oblige me with yearning for Thee

                     and doing for Thee what Thou lovest and approvest!

          Thou art powerful over everything107

                    and that is easy for Thee.


His Supplication in Hardship

His Supplication in Hardship, Effort, and Difficult Affairs




1  O God,

          Thou hast charged me concerning myself

                    with that which belongs more to Thee than to me.

          Thy power over it and over me is greater than my power,

                     so give me in myself

                               what will make Thee pleased with me

                     and take for Thyself

                               Thy good pleasure in my self's well-being! 

2  O God,

          I have

                    no endurance for effort,

                    no patience in affliction,

                    no strength to bear poverty.

          So forbid me not my provision

                    and entrust me not to Thy creatures,

          but take care of my need alone

                    and Thyself attend to sufficing me! 

3            Look upon me and look after me in all my affairs,

                    for if Thou entrustest me to myself,

                              I will be incapable before myself

                              and fail to undertake that in which my best interest lies.

                    If Thou entrustest me to Thy creatures,

                              they will frown upon me,

                    and if Thou makest me resort to my kinsfolk,

                              they will refuse to give to me;

                    if they give,

                              they will give little and in bad temper,

                                        making me feel long obliged

                                        and blaming me much. 

4            So through Thy bounty, O God,

                              free me from need,

                    through Thy mightiness,

                              lift me up,

                    through Thy boundless plenty,

                              open my hand,

                    and with that which is with Thee,

                              suffice me! 

5  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

           rid me of envy,

          encircle me against sins,

          make me abstain from things unlawful,

          give me not the boldness of disobedient acts,

          assign me love for that which is with Thee

                    and satisfaction with that which comes to me from Thee,

           bless me in

                    that which Thou providest me,

                     that which Thou conferrest upon me,

                     and that through which Thou favourest me,

           and make me in all my states

                    safeguarded, watched,

                    covered, defended,

                    given refuge, and granted sanctuary! 

6  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household

           and let me accomplish everything which

                              Thou hast enjoined upon me

                               or made obligatory for me toward Thee,

                               in one of the ways of Thy obedience,

                               or toward one of Thy creatures,

                     though my body be too frail for that,

                               my strength too feeble,

                               my power not able to reach it,

                               and my possessions and what my hand owns

                                         not encompass it,

                    and whether I have remembered it or forgotten it. 

7            It, my Lord, is among that which Thou hast counted against me

                    while I have been heedless of it in myself.

          Let me perform it

                    through Thy plentiful giving

                     and the abundance which is with Thee

                     - for Thou art Boundless, Generous - so that nothing of

                     it may remain against me,

                     lest Thou wouldst wish

                               to settle accounts for it from my good deeds

                              or to compound my evil deeds

                                        on the day I meet Thee, my Lord! 

8  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household

          and provide me with desire to serve Thee

                    for the sake of my state in the hereafter,

          such that I know the truthfulness of that [desire] in my heart,

                    be dominated by renunciation while in this world,

                    do good deeds with yearning,

                    and remain secure from evil deeds in fright and fear!

          And give me a light whereby I may walk among the people,108

                    be guided in the shadows,

                    and seek illumination in doubt and uncertainty! 

9  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household

          and provide me with fear of the threatened gloom

                     and yearning for the promised reward,

           such that I may find

                     the pleasure of that for which I supplicate Thee

                    and the sorrow of that from which I seek sanctuary in Thee! 

10  O God,

          Thou knowest what will set my affairs right

                    in this world and the next,

          so be ever gracious toward my needs! 

11  O God,

           bless Muhammad and Muhammad's Household

           and provide me with what is Thy right

                    when I fall short in thanking Thee

                    for that through which Thou hast favoured me

                              in ease and difficulty,

                              health and sickness,

          such that I may come to know in myself

                     repose in satisfaction

                     and serenity of soul

                              in that which Thou hast made incumbent upon me

                              in whatever states may occur:

                                        fear and security,

                                        satisfaction and displeasure,

                                        loss and gain! 

12  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household

          and provide me with a breast safe from envy,

          such that I envy none of Thy creatures

                    and in anything of Thy bounty

           and such that I see none of Thy favours

          toward any of Thy creatures

                              in religion or this world,

                              well-being or reverential fear,

                              plenty or ease,

                    without hoping for myself better than it

                              through and from Thee alone,

                              who hast no associate! 

13  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household

           and provide me in this world and the next

                    with caution against offenses

                     and wariness against slips

                     in the state of satisfaction and wrath,

          such that I may

                    remain indifferent toward that which enters upon me

                               from the two states,109

                    work toward Thy obedience,

                    and prefer it and Thy good pleasure over all else

                              in both friends and enemies.

                    Then my enemy may stay secure

                              from my wrongdoing and injustice

                    and my friend may despair

                              of my inclination

                              and the bent of my affection. 

14  Make me one of those who supplicate Thee with sincerity in ease

                    with the supplication of those

                    who supplicate Thee with sincerity in distress!

           Verily Thou art Praiseworthy, Glorious. 


His Supplication for Well-Being

His Supplication when he Asked God for Well-Being and Thanked Him for it




1  O God,

           bless Muhammad and his Household,

           clothe me in Thy well-being,

           wrap me in Thy well-being,

           fortify me through Thy well-being,

           honour me with Thy well-being,

           free me from need through Thy well-being,

           donate to me Thy well-being,

           bestow upon me Thy well-being,

           spread out for me Thy well-being,

           set Thy well-being right for me,

           and separate me not from Thy well-being

                     in this world and the next! 

2  O God,

           bless Muhammad and his Household

           and make me well with

                     a well-being sufficient, healing, sublime, growing,

                     a well-being that will give birth to well-being in my body,

                     a well-being in this world and the next!


3             Oblige me through

                     health, security, and safety in my religion and body,

                     insight in my heart,

                     penetration in my affairs,

                     dread of Thee,

                     fear of Thee,

                     strength for the obedience

                               which Thou hast commanded for me,

                     and avoidance of the disobedience

                               which Thou hast prohibited for me! 

4  O God,

           oblige me through

                     the hajj,

                     the umra,110

                     and visiting the graves of Thy Messenger

                                         (Thy blessings, mercy, and benedictions upon him

                                         and upon his Household)

                               and the Household of Thy Messenger

                                         (upon them be peace)

                               for as long as Thou causest me to live,

                               in this year of mine and in every year,

                     and make that accepted, thanked, and mentioned before Thee

                     and stored away with Thee! 

5             Make my tongue utter Thy praise, Thy thanksgiving,

                     Thy remembrance, and Thy excellent laudation,

           and expand my heart

                     toward the right goals of Thy religion! 

6             Give me and my progeny refuge from

                     the accursed Satan,

                     the evil of venomous vermin, threatening pests,

                               swarming crowds, and evil eyes,

                     the evil of every rebel satan,111

                     the evil of every refractory sovereign,

                     the evil of everyone living in ease and served,

                     the evil of everyone weak or strong,

                     the evil of everyone born high or low,

                     the evil of everyone small or great,

                     the evil of everyone near or far,

                     the evil of everyone, jinn or man,

                               who declares war on Thy Messenger and his Household,

                     and the evil of every crawling creature

                               that Thou hast taken by the forelock!

                               Surely Thou art on a straight path.112 

7  O God,

           bless Muhammad and his Household

           and if someone desires ill for me

                     turn him away from me,

                     drive away from me his deception,

                     avert from me his evil,

                     send his trickery back to his own throat, 

8                       and place before him a barricade, so that Thou mayest

                               blind his eyes toward me,

                               deafen his ears toward my mention,

                               lock his heart toward recalling me,

                               silence his tongue against me,

                               restrain his head,

                               abase his exaltation,

                               break his arrogance,

                               abase his neck,

                               disjoint his pride,

                               and make me secure from all his injury,

                                         his evil, his slander,

                                         his backbiting, his faultfinding,

                                         his envy, his enmity,

                                         his snares, his traps,

                                         his foot soldiers, and his cavalry!

                     Surely Thou art Mighty, Powerful!