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Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.Sahifa-e-Sajjadiya (sahifae sajjadia) book of imam sajjad a.s.2


Blessing upon Muhammad and his Household

After this praise of God he (upon him be peace) would supplicate by calling down blessings upon God's Messenger (God bless him and his Household)


1          Praise belongs to God

           who was kind to us through Muhammad

                     (God bless him and his Household)

                     to the exclusion of past communities and bygone generations,

           displaying thereby His power,

                     which nothing can render incapable,

                               though it be great,

                     and nothing can escape,

                               though it be subtle.

2                     He sealed through us all He created,

                     appointed us witnesses over those who deny,

                     and increased us by His kindness over those who are few.

3          O God,

           bless Muhammad,

                     entrusted by Thee with Thy revelation,

                     distinguished by Thee among Thy creatures,

                     devoted to Thee among Thy servants,

                     the imam of mercy,

                     the leader of good,

                     the key to blessing,

4                     who wearied his soul

                     for Thy affairs,

5                     exposed his body to detested things

                     for Thy sake,

6                     showed open enmity toward his next of kin

                     by summoning to Thee,

7                     fought against his family

                     for Thy good pleasure,

8                     cut the ties of the womb

                     in giving life to Thy religion,

9                     sent far those close

                     because of their denial,

10                   brought near those far

                     because of their response to Thee,

11                   showed friendship to the most distant

                     for Thy sake,

12                   displayed enmity toward the nearest

                     for Thy sake,

13                   made his soul persevere

                     in delivering Thy message,

14                   tired it in summoning

                     to Thy creed,

15                   busied it in counselling

                     those worthy of Thy summons,

16                   migrated to the land of exile and the place of remoteness from

                     the home of his saddlebags,

                     the walkway of his feet,

                     the ground of his birth,

                     and the intimate abode of his soul,

           desiring to exalt Thy religion

                     and seeking help

                     against those who disbelieved in Thee,

17                   until what he attempted against Thy enemies

                     went well with him

18                   and what he arranged for Thy friends

                     was accomplished.

19                   He rose up against them seeking victory

                     through Thine aid,            becoming strong in spite of his weakness

                     with Thy help.

20                   He fought against them

                     in the centre of their cities

21                   and attacked them

                     in the midst of their dwellings,

22                   until Thy command prevailed,

                     and Thy word rose up,

                     though the idolaters were averse.43

23        O God,

           so raise him, because of his labours for Thy sake,

                     to the highest degree of Thy Garden,44

24                   that none may equal him in station,

                     none may match him in level,

           and no angel brought nigh or prophet sent out

                     may parallel him in Thy sight.

25        And inform him concerning his Household the pure

           and his community the faithful

           of an excellent intercession,

           greater than what Thou hast promised him!45

26        O Keeper of promises!

           O Faithful to Thy word!

           O He who changes evil deeds into manifold good deeds!46

           Thou art of bounty abounding!

Blessing upon the Bearers of the Throne

A Supplication in Calling down Blessings upon the Bearers of the Throne and Every Angel Brought Nigh


1          O God,

          as for the Bearers of Thy Throne,47 who

           never flag in glorifying Thee,

           never become weary of calling Thee holy,

           never tire of worshipping Thee,

           never prefer curtailment over diligence in Thy command,

           and are never heedless of passionate love for Thee;

2                     Seraphiel,

                     the Owner of the Trumpet,

                     fixed in his gaze,

                               awaiting Thy permission

                               and the descent of the Command,

                     that he may arouse through the Blast

                               the hostages thrown down in the graves;

3                     Michael,

                     possessor of standing with Thee

                     and a raised up place in Thy obedience;

4                     Gabriel,

                     entrusted with Thy revelation,

                     obeyed by the inhabitants of Thy heavens,

                     distinguished in Thy Presence,48

                     brought nigh to Thee;

5                     the spirit who is over the angels of the veils;49

6                     and the spirit

                     who is of Thy command50 -

           bless them and the angels below them:

           the residents in Thy heavens,

           those entrusted with Thy messages,

7                     those who become not wearied by perseverance,

                               or exhausted and flagged by toil,

                     whom passions distract not from glorifying Thee,

                     and whose magnification of Thee is never cut off

                               by the inattention of heedless moments;

8                               their eyes lowered,

                               they do not attempt to look at Thee;

                     their chins bowed,

                               they have long desired what is with Thee;

                     unrestrained in mentioning Thy boons,

                               they remain humble before Thy mightiness

                               and the majesty of Thy magnificence;

9                     those who say when they look upon Gehenna

                     roaring over the people who disobeyed Thee:

                     'Glory be to Thee,

                     we have not worshipped Thee

                     with the worship Thou deservest!'

10        Bless them,

           and Thy angels who are the Reposeful,

           those of proximity to Thee,

           those who carry the unseen to Thy messengers,

           those entrusted with Thy revelation,

11                   the tribes of angels

                     whom Thou hast singled out for Thyself,

                     freed from need for food and drink by their calling Thee holy,

                     and made to dwell inside Thy heavens' layers,

12                   those who will stand upon the heavens' borders51

                     when the Command descends to complete Thy promise,

13                   the keepers of the rain,

           the drivers of the clouds,

14                   him at whose driving's sound is heard the rolling of thunder,

                     and when the reverberating clouds swim before his driving,

                     bolts of lightning flash;

15                   the escorts of snow and hail,

           the descenders with the drops of rain when they fall,

           the watchers over the treasuries of the winds,

           those charged with the mountains lest they disappear,

16                   those whom Thou hast taught the weights of the waters

                     and the measures contained by torrents and masses of rain;

17                   the angels who are Thy messengers to the people of the earth

                     with the disliked affliction that comes down

                     and the beloved ease;

18                   the devoted, noble scribes,52

           the watchers, noble writers,53

           the angel of death and his helpers,

           Munkar and Nakir,54

           Rumaan, the tester in the graves,55

           the circlers of the Inhabited House,56

           Malik57 and the guardians,

           Ridwan58 and the gatekeepers of the gardens,

19                   those who disobey not God in What He commands them

                     and do What they are commanded;59

20                   those who say, Peace be upon you, for that you were patient

                     - and fair is the Ultimate Abode;60

21                   the Zabaniya, who, when it is said to them,

                     take him, and fetter him,

                               then roast him in hell,61

                     hasten to accomplish it,

                               nor do they give him any respite;62

22                   him whom we have failed to mention,

                     not knowing his place with Thee,

                     nor with which command Thou hast charged him;

23                   and the residents in the air, the earth, and the water,

                     and those of them charged over the creatures;

24                   bless them on the day when every soul will come,

                     with it a driver and a witness,63

25                   and bless them with a blessing that will add

                     honour to their honour

                     and purity to their purity.

26        O God,

           and when Thou blessest Thy angels and Thy messengers

           and Thou extendest our blessings to them,

           bless us through the good words about them

                     which Thou hast opened up for us!

           Thou art Munificent, Generous.



Blessing upon the Attesters to the Messengers

His Supplication in Calling down Blessings upon the Followers of, and Attesters to, the Messengers


1  O God,

           as for the followers of the messengers

           and those of the people of the earth

                     who attested to them unseen

                     (while the obstinate resisted them through crying lies) -

                     they yearned for the emissaries through the realities of faith,


2                                 in every era and time in which Thou didst send a messenger

                                         and set up for the people a director

                                                   from the period of Adam down to Muhammad

                                                   (God bless him and his Household)

                                         from among the imams of guidance

                                                   and the leaders of the godfearing

                                                   (upon them all be peace) -

           remember them with forgiveness and good pleasure! 

3  O God,

           and as for the Companions of Muhammad specifically,

           those who did well in companionship,

           who stood the good test in helping him,

                     responded to him

                               when he made them hear his messages' argument, 

4                       separated from mates and children

                               in manifesting his word,

                     fought against fathers and sons

                               in strengthening his prophecy,

                     and through him gained victory; 

5             those who were wrapped in affection for him,

                     hoping for a commerce

                     that comes not to naught64 in love for him; 

6             those who were left by their clans

                     when they clung to his handhold

           and denied by their kinsfolk

                     when they rested in the shadow of his kinship; 

7  forget not, O God,

                     what they abandoned for Thee and in Thee,

           and make them pleased with Thy good pleasure

                     for the sake of the creatures they drove to Thee

                               while they were with Thy Messenger,

                               summoners to Thee for Thee. 

8  Show gratitude to them for leaving the abodes of their people for Thy sake

                     and going out from a plentiful livelihood to a narrow one,

           and [show gratitude to] those of them who became objects of wrongdoing

                     and whom Thou multiplied in exalting Thy religion. 

9  O God,

           and give to those

                     who have done well in following the Companions,

                     who say, Our Lord, forgive us and our brothers

                               who went before us in faith,65

                     Thy best reward; 

10             those who went straight to the Companions' road,

                     sought out their course,

                     and proceeded in their manner. 

11             No doubt concerning their sure insight diverted them

                     and no uncertainty shook them

                               from following in their tracks

                               and being led by the guidance of their light. 

12             As their assistants and supporters,

                     they professed their religion,

                     gained guidance through their guidance,

                     came to agreement with them,

                     and never accused them in what they passed on to them. 

13  O God,

           and bless the Followers,

                               from this day of ours to the Day of Doom,

                     their wives,

                     their offspring,

                     and those among them who obey Thee, 

14             with a blessing through which

                     Thou wilt preserve them from disobeying Thee,

                     make room for them in the plots of Thy Garden,

                     defend them from the trickery of Satan,

                     help them in the piety in which they seek help from Thee,

                     protect them from sudden events that come by night and day

                               - except the events which come with good - 

15                                 and incite them to

                               tie firmly the knot of good hope in Thee,

                               what is with Thee,

                               and refrain from ill thoughts [toward Thee]

                                         because of what the hands of Thy servants' hold. 

16  Thus Thou mayest

                     restore them to beseeching Thee and fearing Thee,

                     induce them to renounce the plenty of the immediate,

                     make them love to

                               work for the sake of the deferred

                               and prepare for what comes after death, 

17             make easy for them every distress that comes to them

                     on the day when souls take leave from bodies, 

18             release them from

                     that which brings about the perils of temptation

                     and being thrown down in the Fire

                               and staying forever within it, 

19             and take them to security,

                     the resting place of the godfearing. 

His Supplication for himself and the People under his Guardianship




1  O He the wonders of whose mightiness will never end!

          Bless Muhammad and his Household

          and prevent us from deviation concerning Thy mightiness! 

2  O He the term of whose kingdom will never cease!

          Bless Muhammad and his Household

          and release our necks from Thy vengeance! 

3  O He the treasuries of whose mercy will never be exhausted!

          Bless Muhammad and his Household

          and appoint for us a portion of Thy mercy! 

4  O He whom eyes fall short of seeing!

          Bless Muhammad and his Household

          and bring us close to Thy nearness! 

5  O He before whose greatness all great things are small!

          Bless Muhammad and his Household

          and give us honour with Thee! 

6  O He to whom all hidden tidings are manifest!

          Bless Muhammad and his Household

          and expose us not before Thee! 

7  O God,

          remove our need for the gifts of the givers

                              through Thy gift,

                    spare us the loneliness of those who break off

                              through Thy joining,

          that we may beseech no one

                              along with Thy free giving,

                    that we may feel lonely at no one's absence

                              along with Thy bounty! 

8  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          scheme for us, not against us,

          devise to our benefit, not to our loss,66

          give the turn to prevail to us, not to others! 

9  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household,

          protect us from Thyself,

          safeguard us through Thyself,

          guide us to Thyself,

                    and take us not far from Thyself!67

          he whom Thou protectest stays safe,

                    he whom Thou guidest knows,

                    and he whom Thou bringest near Thyself

                                                  takes the spoils. 

10  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household

          and spare us the cutting edge of time's turning changes,

                    the evil of Satan's snares,

                    and the bitterness of the sovereign's aggression! 

11  O God,

          the spared are spared only through the bounty of Thy strength,

                    so bless Muhammad and his Household

                    and spare us!

          The givers give only through the bounty of Thy wealth,

                    so bless Muhammad and his Household

                    and give to us!

          The guided are guided only by the light of Thy face,

                    so bless Muhammad and his Household

                    and guide us! 

12  O God,

          he whom Thou befriendest will not be injured

                    by the abandonment of the abandoners,

          he to whom Thou givest will not be diminished

                    by the withholding of the withholders,

          he whom Thou guidest will not be misled

                    by the misguidance of the misguiders. 

13  So bless Muhammad and his Household,

          defend us from Thy servants

                    through Thy might,

          free us from need for other than Thee

                    through Thy support,

          and make us travel the path of the Truth

                    through Thy right guidance! 

14  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household

          and put

                    the soundness of our hearts

                              into the remembrance of Thy mightiness,

                    the idleness of our bodies

                              into giving thanks for Thy favour,

                    and the flow of our tongues

                              into the description of Thy kindness! 

15  O God,

          bless Muhammad and his Household

          and make us one of

                    Thy summoners who summon to Thee,

                    Thy guiders who direct to Thee,

                    and Thy special friends whom Thou hast singled out!

          O Most Merciful of the merciful!